'Gran Hermano US' Telemundo
The social experiment known as "Gran Hermano" stars Sunday night and these are the reasons you can't miss it... Telemundo

Telemundo is all set for the premiere of "Gran Hermano US" this Sunday night. The reality show hosted by Giselle Blondet is a social experiment that pits 14 strangers from different backgrounds and walks of life together in a house controlled by the watchful eye of Big Brother, or in this case Gran Hermano. The housemates will have to endure 13 weeks of being disconnected from friends, family, society, their mobile phones to win the $250,000 prize. Viewers will be able to see their every move and see their personalities flourish. There will be arguments, there will be friendships formed and there will be romances. Here are more reasons you need to watch the "Gran Hermano US" premiere:

1. Giselle Blondet Hosts: The main reason to watch this show is because the lovely Giselle will host. We missed watching her every Sunday night as the presenter of "Nuestra Belleza Latina" on Univision. Now, Blondet is hosting a different type of program for rival network Telemundo and we can finally end the week with her on screen.

2. Public Votes Decide: Every Wednesday night, housemates will nominate each other, but it will be up to the audience at home to decide who leaves the house. On Sunday night's eviction episode, the results will be revealed and one of the personalities will have to abandon the "Gran Hermano US" house. The power of the viewing public will be felt inside.

3. Stream 24/7: Although there will be daily recap episodes airing at midnight, Monday through Friday, to get a real sense as to how the housemates live inside the house, you have to watch them all day. It can be mundane and boring, but once that argument heats up, or that romance starts brewing, you will be compensated. You will be able to say exactly how it happened, when it happened and be that much more involved with the show.

4. Housemates: The premiere episode will see the entrance of the 14 housemates that will live under one roof for 13 weeks. It will be our first glimpse into their personalities. It's always nice to see how they enter the house and how the house eventually affects their personality. You will be surprised with how much energy some people go in with and once they experience living under these rough conditions, their energy levels drop dramatically.

5. Giselle Blondet's Fashion: Every Wednesday (7pm ET/PT) and Sunday (8pm ET/PT) night Giselle will be live from the house. We can't wait to see what she wears every time she comes out on tv.

6. House: Every "Gran Hermano" house is different and it will be thrilling to see what the house will look like. This is the place where the housemates will live in for the next 13 weeks. What kind of luxuries will they have? What kind of things will they not have?

7. Opening Night Twist: Usually every "Big Brother" edition has a twist. There is always something that gets thrown in there to throw the housemates off. Sometimes there are twins, maybe a mother-daughter duo? Relatives competing together?

8. Initial Reception: Housemates are usually in their best manners the first day. How will they initially react to each other? Will they like the people they are going to be living with or will the judge on looks?

"Gran Hermano US" premieres Sunday, January 10 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on Telemundo. Will you be watching with us?

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