Giselle Blondet host of "Gran Hermano US"
The host of "Gran Hermano US" gave us details of the new reality show coming in January to Telemundo. ChristopherEsqueda

Telemundo is starting off the year big with the premiere of "Gran Hermano US." This is the first time that the "Big Brother" format will be produced for Latino audiences. The show will introduce complete strangers and force them to live in a house that is bugged with cameras and microphones monitoring their every move 24/7. None of the housemates will be able to hide from the watchful eye, not only of "Gran Hermano," but to viewers watching from home. Last week it was announced that Giselle Blondet would host the show and LatinTimes scored an exclusive interview where she reveals details about her gig and the fashion she has lined up for the live galas.

“I think this is a beautiful Christmas, Three Kings and birthday present just like my mom gave me,” she told us. “I am so happy to be back at the network [Telemundo] where I started as an actress in Puerto Rico. I am also happy because I’m seeing so many friends again that I’ve worked with before. This is a project that really interests me, my kids are very happy, they know of ‘Gran Hermano.’ This is the first time that it will be produced in Spanish in the U.S. and I like it because it’s different. We will be doing the show live from México. It’s like an experiment where we are going to see many people with different personalities living together for three months in a house, sharing everything. They will be completely disconnected from the outside world and I will be their only contact with reality.”

Giselle also told us that she can't wait to be traveling to México to eat tortillas de nopal, that she recently discovered and loves them because they are not fattening. "Gran Hermano US" will be live on Wednesday nights at 7pm ET/PT where contestants will nominate each other and Blondet will be back on again on Sunday nights at 8pm ET/PT for the gala that will see one of the housemates evicted. Giselle told us she saw an episode of "Gran Hermano Spain" and she was enthralled by it. "I saw an episode of the Spanish version that lasts four hours," she said. "I promise you that I was glued to the show. I was watching it and I was really taken in by these real life telenovela characters and now I wanted to know what happened to them."

Mercedes Milá from the Spanish version is tough on the housemates as her background comes from news, while Adela Micha from Mexico's "Big Brother" is known as the "Big Sister" and talks to the contestants on a more personal level. How will Giselle Blondet be with the houseguests? "I am going to be myself, like I’ve always been," Blondet told us. "I am a very honest person, when I have something nice to say, i’ll say something nice and when I don’t, that’s how it’ll be. Every host shows a different personality and I will have to wait and see how I feel with the contestants. This is all new to me and I like that after 38 years in the business I feel like I am doing something different. Although it’s a reality and I’ve done reality shows before, but this one is completely different."

"Gran Hermano US" will involve social media in a way that will ultimately affect the house. Giselle is an avid social media user and will keep in contact with viewers as the show airs live as well as throughout the week. Blondet has an amazing sense of style and we couldn't let her go without telling us what her outfits were going to look like for the shows. "I am working with a designer that is going to make all of the clothes I’m going to wear on the show," she revealed. "His name is Gustavo Arango and the clothes is going to be chic, elegant, sexy. The idea is that the women that watch the show can take ideas so they can apply to themselves. We will be making ensembles that are accessible and I will be uploading the looks to social media, I have a lot of plans with that."

"Gran Hermano US" will premiere on Sunday, January 10 at 8pm ET/PT on Telemundo. Will you be watching with us?

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