A proud mother shared helped her child raise enough money for the treatment of their puppy as well as for medical assistance of other animals in need.

Bryson Kliemann’s fundraising mission started when the family’s four-month-old puppy Bruce fell ill. He decided to sell the Pokémon cards that he had been collecting since he was four years old. The family has been reunited with their puppy and hopes to continue helping other pet owners with the funds they have gathered.

The eight-year-old boy had been wanting a companion animal for some time. His mother, Kimberly Woodruff, told USA Today that every time the family visited the local animal shelter Kliemann would cry while leaving. When the 26-year-old woman’s friend informed her that her dog was having puppies she finally agreed to take one of the puppies.

The family brought the puppy to their Lebanon, Virginia home in March. Earlier last month, the puppy suddenly started showing signs of illness. It became lethargic and refused to come out of its crate. The family took it to the vet and Bruce was diagnosed with Parvo. Parvovirus is an extremely contagious canine virus that can be fatal if left untreated.

The vet told the family that the cost of the dog’s treatment and stay at the facility would be more than $700. Woodruff was not sure how they would be able to pay for the treatment. On May 4, Kliemann took the task of gathering funds into his own hands. Woodruff’s husband sent her a picture of the child with a handmade sign selling his prized cards. The child later said that his brother and sister played together while his playmate was his puppy.

The young boy sold the cards for $5 to $10. Neighbors initially thought that the boy was doing it to get some extra money. When they realized that he was collecting it for the sick puppy, more people began to pitch in. Some neighbors even gave the child their Pokémon cards to sell.

Eventually, Woodruff started a GoFundMe on her son’s behalf, People reported. They crossed the goal of $800 and have collected nearly $20,000. Woodruff shared updates that Bruce had recovered and returned home. The funds raised will be used for future vaccines and to help other families in need of funds for their pet’s treatment. She also said that a small part would be given to the child as a reward. Another reward that Kliemann received a rare Pokémon pack of cards from Pokémon Co.

Pokemon Go "Pokemon Go's" upcoming update will come with new pocket monsters to catch. Getty Images/YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP