A woman’s former son-in-law has been charged with rape after allegedly raping the mother of his former wife countless times. The victim, an 80-year-old Hialeah woman, said 57-year-old Ivan Granda repeatedly raped her and even took pictures while assaulting her.

The woman said she initially did not tell her daughter about Granda’s sexual advances for fear that doing so might only hurt her. However, she eventually confirmed the assault and confronted her ex-husband about it with the photos he had taken of the assaults using his phone. Ivan Granda did not deny the truth.

The victim’s daughter said she did not believe her mother the first time she told her about Granda’s sexual advances to her but found the photos of the assault in her former husband’s phone and discovered that her mother’s stories were true.

On Tuesday, the Hialeah police took Granda into custody and charged him with five counts of sexual battery on an incapacitated victim and false imprisonment. He was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility with bond set at $255,000. The sentence came five months after the victim told the authorities about the alleged rapes she suffered in the hands of Granda.

“The victim said the subject raped her multiple times over the past year,” said the Hialeah police in its report. “He would throw her on his or her bed and forcefully pin her down.”

The victim also revealed that Ivan Granda once raped her inside his car when her daughter asked him to take her to see the doctor.

Granda’s arrest form reveals that the 80-year-old woman first told the police about her experience in July. It remains unknown why no action had been taken by the authorities until this week.

According to the victim’s daughter, the suspect still lived at her mother’s home despite their divorce. Grande allegedly threatened her to kill himself if she would not allow her to live in the house.

Sexual Harassment Representational image. Photo: Getty Images