A car that many consider their dream car went up in smoke after a careless owner tried out a pretty expensive experiment. When owning a vehicle like a Lamborghini Aventador pushing it to the limit by trying to grill meat using it may not be the best idea. This was proven by the careless owner in China who fired their car while trying to grill their meat.

With strange trends becoming popular on the internet, car cooking, not something completely unheard of. As The Drive shared, many people try to cook various things with the engines of their cars. This is usually done by wrapping the raw produce in foil and placing it near the engine bay. The experiments are usually done and shared on social media to show what can and cannot be cooked using a car’s engine.

Taking this concept to a new height, the man from Hunan province of China decided to grill meat on a stick. In a video of the failed attempt, a group of people can be seen in what appears to be a covered parking lot. The red Aventador’s engine is revved repeatedly, forcing its exhaust to turn into a flame thrower.

The unburnt fuel in the exhaust gets ignited leading to flames erupting from the tailpipes. The force with which the flames light up sends pieces of charred meat flying from the skewer. The cheers of the gathered crowd soon evaporate as smoke suddenly starts billowing out from the back of the car, where the engine is.

The panicked owner turned the vehicle off and opened the engine door allowing more smoke to escape. Red engine coolant can be seen streaming down from under the vehicle, making it look like the car was bleeding out.

Speaking to Jalopnik, cooling engineer David Tracy, elaborated on what went wrong. He pointed out that the engine being cold revved could have led to pressure being created in the coolant line. With the fluid being pushed with nowhere to go it could have led to the tank or line rupturing. The smoke was basically the coolant steam caused by the coolant hitting the hot exhaust manifold.

The cost of cars in China is more than double that in the United States of America. This is due to car manufacturers’ pricing as well as taxes imposed by the government.

According to Gulf Times, the cost of repairing a Lamborghini is around $80,000 which could be the amount the car owner had to pay for repairs.

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