A young tourist visiting New York with her mother was allegedly "sucker-punched" in the head on Monday, and a doorman showed his heroic side during the incident.

Raheem Ramsarran allegedly punched the nine-year-old girl, who hails from Miami, in the left side of her head, reported New York Post. Police sources said that the incident happened on the corner of Central Park South and Grand Army Plaza at around 11:20 am.

Kimberly Thomas, who was working at a nearby Covid testing booth when the assault happened, said that people saw a "man with a backpack, a red hoodie and a beige jacket screaming at people and people literally running away from him and he was just like yelling."

On Monday, 60-year-old Neil Johnson was at his job as a doorman at The Plaza Hotel when he heard the 27-year-old suspect shouting. Then Johnson ran to the scene to help. He said that he saw a woman crying and she and the girl were running away from "this guy and he’s walking fast toward them, so got to do something." The doorman got in between "them and this crazy guy, and then another guy joined me, who apparently saw the whole thing happen, so we just made sure that this person couldn’t go.”

Johnson said that he saw the young girl, whose name is unknown, holding her head and in pain then he called police. While doing so he was trying to make sure the suspect didn’t attack the girl again.

The girl, who complained of pain on the left side of her head, was treated on the scene. According to ABC7, the girl's family declined going to the hospital and she is expected to be okay. Police said that her mother, Yelena Contreras Molerio, declined the offer for her child to get further medical treatment.

Ramsarran was apprehended about 15 minutes after the alleged assault, taken to Midtown North precinct and is currently in custody, said police.

Fox News reported that the cause of the attack was not clear, though Johnson speculated that the man was suffering from a mental health condition. Ramsarran’s last known address is in Harlem, and police sources said that cops were called to his previous Queens address in 2018 and in 2019. The calls were related to reports of an emotionally disturbed person, and that he told police that he was not on medication. At one time, he reportedly said that he felt suicidal and wanted to be hospitalized.

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