The Dominican National Police has handled the information that six gang members are believed to have perished in Los Alcarrizos as a result of an alleged exchange of gunfire with agents. However, locals insist that the officers involved opened fire without saying a word, Diario Libre reported.

“They were sitting there and the police came and started shooting at them all at once. They had been behind Jeffry (one of the dead) for a long time because they say he was involved in a few hundred troubles around there,” said a local resident, whose identity is protected.

One of the alleged criminals reportedly bent down and begged a uniformed cop to not kill him, says the resident.

Even though there had been shootings in the neighborhood, the locals assured that no one had ever been left dead in this manner. The community members are in fear as a result of the incident.

Mr. Paulino Cueto described his terrifying experience by saying, “There were so many shots that I even had to get under the bed, because look, my house is made of wood, and there is a shot there."

He claimed to have heard over 20 gunshots at the scene, and that earlier in the morning, some of the sector's "boys" had been gathering some rifle casings.

It was on Tuesday, Dec. 13, at around 10:00 p.m. when the shooting began. The victims were transferred around 11:00 p.m. to the Dr. Vinicio Calventi hospital and from there to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif).

The incident took place on 14th Street in the Las Mercedes sector of the Los Alcarrizos municipality, in the province of Santo Domingo. The deceased belonged to the "Los 30/30" gang.

Corporal Adrian Antonio Rodríguez Torres of the National Police, Private Stiven Betances La Chapelle, and civilians Erick Ramon Pérez Germán (El Mello), Jeffry Bienvenido Rosa Ferreras (Jefry Trenzas), and another person only known as Mileisy have all been identified as the deceased thus far.

The residents in the area claimed that they could still hear the sound of the gunfire that claimed the lives of at least six persons.

The residents claim that they were unaware of the alleged "Los 30/30" gang and that crime and criminal activity had decreased in the area.

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