12% of adults in Brazil identify as homosexual, gay, bisexual, or transgender, according to a groundbreaking survey conducted by Unesp (Universidade Estadual Paulista) and USP (University of So Paulo), said reports.

IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) population statistics indicate that 19 million Brazilians make up this fraction.

A representative sample of the Brazilian population was used in the study to map the sexual and gender diversity in the nation. 6,000 adults over the age of 18 were questioned in 129 cities across Brazil's 5 regions. Datafolha administered the questions between November and December 2018.

According to psychiatrist Giancarlo Spizzirri, from the USP School of Medicine and the article's main author, this is the first time that a survey like this has been carried out in a Latin American country.

According to an IBGE survey on sexual orientation published in May 2019, 1.2% of Brazilians identify as homosexual, and 0.7% as bisexual.

Data on gender identity aspects, however, were not researched. There was also no information on other sexual behaviors, such as asexuality.

The researchers reinforce that the work helps to take the LGBT+ population out of invisibility and, as it is a study in the field of health, it contributes to the devising of public policies aimed at these groups.

Survey data show that among the 12% categorized as LGBT+, 5.76% are asexual, 2.12% are bisexual, 1.37% are gay, 0.93% are lesbian, 0.68% are trans, and 1.18%, are non-binary persons. The survey was based on sexual and gender diversity.

The author of the study reveals that among those who said they did not feel sexual attraction, the vast majority are women (93.5%).

The survey identified that, among asexuals, 1.1%, both among men and women, indicated that they had never felt sexual attraction. It was not, therefore, a momentary situation.

The survey also mapped data on instances of various types of violence. The statistics relating to sexual violence are the most striking. Straight cisgender women reported suffering four times more episodes of sexual violence than that faced by straight cisgender men. Lesbian women reported suffering 6 times more episodes of sexual violence.

Bisexual women reported 12 times more episodes of sexual violence. Trans people, in turn, are 25 times more sexually assaulted compared to cisgender men.

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