Congratulations are in order for Adamari López and her fiancé Toni Costa. The couple announced this morning they are expecting their first child together. The happy news comes after many tries and fertility treatments, and they couldn’t be happier! “Sharing many moments of my life with my fans has been part of my artistic development throughout the last 36 years,” Adamari said in an official press release. “You have seen me grow professionally and shared happy and not so happy moments of my personal life.”

“Today is a day in which I want to share with all of you the happiness that life has given me. I’ve asked God so many times for the blessing of being a mother, and since God’s timing is perfect, I want to let you know that the blessing has been given to me and I’m pregnant. Toni and I are very happy and would like to thank your well wishes. This is, without a doubt, biggest yearning and the biggest blessing that has come to my life. Thank you all for your prayers, for asking that my dream would come true.”

“There’s still a long way to go and I hope you stand by me with your prayers to be able to present to you our baby in a few months. This is a gift from God. With love, Ada and Toni.” Adamari first broke the news in her morning show, Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Día,” with a video in which she spoke about her six years trying to get pregnant and the multiple treatments she had to undergo for this to finally happen. She also revealed the baby’s first sonogram. She later took it to social media, posting several announcements on all her pages.