Adamari López Starts Weight Loss Program After Being Fat Shamed

Adamari Lopez
The "Un Nuevo Día" co-host has been cyber bullied and she's now fighting back. Instagram/adamarilopez

Adamari López is one of the most beloved personalities in television. As one of the many co-host's of "Un Nuevo Día," her smile, charisma and unique laugh are always a welcoming view in the morning. The former telenovelas actress has suffered from fat shaming online as she has gained a couple of pounds over the years, but now López is on a path to losing the weight and sticking it to the cyber bullies. Adamari has started a new regime and shared her progress with her followers on Instagram. "It's time to exercise and keep healthy," she wrote. In the photos he shared she was seen on a scale and working out. We are rooting for Adamari and hoping for the best! Check out the photos below and tell us what you think!

Adamari has previously address all the shaming she's received online. “You try not to pay attention to the comments,” the 44-year-old cancer survivor told "Suelta la Sopa." “I’m not saying they don’t affect you. But the way I see it, I always try to find the positive side, and that’s in general, in life.” he continued, “Sometimes I just think that people reflect how they are feeling when they talk, and that’s what they express. If they are going through good times, they make nice comments, if they are going through bad times, then they are just reflecting how they feel.”

One of Adamari's motivations in life is her beautiful daughter Alaïa. In an interview with Latin Times she opened up about her and gave us all the feels about how she talks about her. "I am fascinated, Alaïa is already a year and nine months and I can say this has been the best stage of my life," she told us. "I am happy with her rediscovering things. I am impressed because every day she does something new. I see life through her eyes and it gives me so much joy to have this beautiful doll."

She continued by saying: "When my friends used to ask me I used to say 'I want her as she comes.' In terms of personality, I honestly didn’t know what to expect, it's a combination between Tony and myself. She is divine and friendly but at the same time strong and with character. We are surprised to see how she grows and progresses in terms of speech, walk or the way she develops being social with other children. It fills me with great enthusiasm. I think every kid follows what they see, so I will continue educating myself so I can educate her at the same time."

Adamari loves being a mom and enjoys every moment that comes with it. “I love everything that comes with motherhood: seeing her wake up and smile in the morning, enjoying bath time with her, seeing how she grows, watching her sleep,” the Puerto Rican actress said. “I love the sleepless nights; I love being a little girl again thanks to our games. I love to see how she imitates everything her dad and I do, and to see myself in her gestures and character. Those are some of the things I enjoy most about being a mom.”

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