A man from South Africa admitted to killing his girlfriend who has been missing since 1999. It turns out that the man, identified as Collins Lucky Maduane, strangled to death the victim who would, later on, be revealed as Florah Mahlo.

At that time, Maduane was only 32 and the girl 25. It was on the night of Sept. 3, 1999, when neighbors allegedly heard Mahlo’s screams coming from the Soshanguve home. The next morning, they asked about Mahlo and were told that she was out of the country and visiting relatives over in Johannesburg.

As far as Maduane is concerned, he has a criminal record. In 2000, he was detained at the Bavianspoort Maximum Prison after he was sentenced to 12 years for attempted murder in a different case. It was about that time when he was being haunted by his late girlfriend’s spirit.

Unable to hold it off any longer, Maduane confessed to his sister about the crime. He detailed what happened on that night of Sept. 3, 1999.

"The following day, he went to where he burnt the body and discovered that it was not completely burnt. He then decided to chop the body into two halves. He chopped the bottom part and threw it in the nearby drain. He then buried the remaining parts,” National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana stated.

After confessing to his sister, Maduane had planned to inform the family of Mahlo but backed out.  Then in 2019, the murder case popped up again. A fight between the man and his niece ensued and his sisters were called. When they arrived, they found Maduane pretty upset and uncontrollably angry.

Unable to bear it any longer, Maduane admitted that he was stressed about keeping the murder to himself. He brought them to the site where the incident occurred. The mother of Mahlo was also informed of the plight of her late daughter, leading to Maduane being arrested once more.

Now at 52, Maduane has been charged with life imprisonment for the murder of Mahlo. According to Mahanjana, the court believes that the man was indeed haunted for the crime he had evaded for two decades.

Collins Lucky Maduane Collins Lucky Maduane Collins Lucky Maduane photo: Supplied/NPA