A woman is suing American Airlines after one of its employees stole her number off her baggage tag and started sending her creepy messages. The woman was unnerved when the texter, who refused to reveal himself at first, sent her messages suggesting that he could see her while she was waiting to board her flight out of San Diego International Airport last April.

According to the lawsuit filed by Ashley Barno against the airline, the airline employee, who was eventually identified as Ahmad, repeatedly texted her before and during her flight, unnerving her. “The whole time I kept asking him, ‘Who are you? How do you know who I am? How’d you get my info?,’” Barno said. However, Ahmad went on to text her without revealing his name. “You are looking very gorgeous in that gray top today,” Ahmad replied.

When Barno realized that the man texting her was also boarding the plane she was boarding, she asked him to leave her alone. Ahmad, however, continued to send her messages and even offered her a seat next to him. “Ok it’s up to you, but friendship with me will be very beneficial for you. I can always give you good seats, access to the lounges, and free drinks,” he told Barno.

In her lawsuit, Barno revealed flagging one of the flight attendants to seek help. The flight attendant then confirmed that the texter was a fellow colleague.

The experience was so harrowing that Barno immediately filed a lawsuit against Ahmad for sexual harassment, stalking and inflicting emotional distress. She also sued the airline for hiring the creepy employee. “She is suing American Airlines for negligent hiring, sexual harassment and other alleged wrongdoing,” Barno’s lawyer stated.

Meanwhile, American Airlines said they’re investigating the allegations and are taking appropriate action. A representative of the airline also confirmed that Ahmad had already been fired and that he was not on duty at the time of the incident. “The employee involved in the complaint is no longer employed at American Airlines,” the statement reads.