Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido was kidnapped in Tamaulipas, Mexico, after attending a party with his girlfriend, Ileana Salas, in Ciudad Victoria on May 28. State authorities confirmed Pulido’s release hours after the incident was reported to the police.

The 25-year-old footballer opened up about the horrible experience during a recent interview, where he also discussed his future in the sport.

“I don’t wish this [kidnapping] to happen to anyone,” he confessed. “It’s an experience that I never thought I would live and yes, I’m a little scared. Now I have to turn the page and look forward.”

Pulido revealed that he will be heading back to Greece in the next few days, where he will be reporting to his club, Olympiacos, but did not deny the possibility of returning to Mexico in the near future.

“I have to report to Olympiacos, I still have three more years with them, so we’ll see what happens,” he mentioned. “I have to be there no matter what. I know that the market there is still growing and we have to wait and see what happens, but my mind is with them right now, and when the moment arrives, I’ll think about where to head next.”

Last week, Pulido agreed to sit down and talk about the happenings with renowned journalist Adela Micha. However, he opted to walk out of the interview before Micha had the chance to ask a single question.

“I apologize to everyone, honestly,” Pulido said. “I hope you understand how I’m feeling inside after what I lived. I hope to be calm soon, so I can openly recount what happened.”

Pulido reportedly headed to Los Cabos, San Lucas to “relax” after the embarrassing incident with Micha.

Since news about the abduction broke, many Mexican publications have questioned the veracity behind the story.

On May 30, Anonymous México released a video claiming that the kidnapping was staged.

“Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido was never kidnapped, and was certainly not rescued by the Mexican authorities,” the masked hacker says in the clip. “These breaking news are completely false. This is simply a montage to deceive the thousands of naïve Mexicans, who believe that Mexican authorities have the capability to execute these kinds of operations.”