Aleks Syntek Revealed He's Received Death Threats After Saying Reggaeton Was 'Music Of Apes' [VIDEO]

Aleks Syntek
Aleks Syntek said hi is "tired" of reggaeton and people is not here for his declarations. Photo: Getty Images

Mexican singer and songwriter, Aleks Syntek, spoke with the press during Expo Composers, about the negative comments that he has received after his statements against reggaeton. The singer was part of the panel "The composer in the digital age," and there, he emphasized on the cruelty of social media, and how much it affects women. However, his comments about reggaeton came back to him when in the Q&A section of his panel he was asked about it.

In an interview with Adela Micha Zaga for her television program La Saga, Syntek had criticized the genre of reggaeton, causing a great stir. "We must control the animal instincts, if not, we become monkeys. And reggaeton is music of apes, attention," said Syntek.

According to Syntek, reggaeton already has him "tired," and for him it is difficult to understand why the audiences of the genre like the same rhythms, misogynist letters and vulgarities where the woman is described as a sexual object only.

His derogatory comments provoked much controversy, and according to the singer, the death threats have not stopped. "There are a lot of fans who are vandals, they are from the hood and got upset because they saw the news, then they told me terrible things, even that they will kill me: 'we're going to shoot you out of your house' and things like that," said Aleks Syntek.

The songwriter also pointed out that no artist of the urban genre has told him anything directly, but he said that he knows that some of them has expressed their opinion. "There were some statements from reggaeton artists, but they only saw my comments up front and don't know the context," he added.

For Syntek to see his fellow artists venturing into the urban genre has been quite dramatic. "I don't know if they are forced or scared... The other day I saw Franco de Vita, who is one of my super piano idols, I love what he does, and already he's singing reggaeton with Nicky Jam and I said 'Really?'"

At the end of the discussion, Syntek ironically alludes to the fact that only artists in some countries he understands his incursion to the genre. "Let Shakira, Juanes, or Ricky Martin do it, well they are Colombians and Puerto Ricans, but there are artists who do not come to the case and they do," he said.

After his participation in the conference, the singer used Twitter to try to put an end to the statements, which according to him, have gone out of context.

"During the Expo composers of Mexico, I gave a small press conference where I talked about many interesting and transcendent issues but in the end came out that mournful question, and although I was brief, I was pretty sincere and as always, someone always wants to sensationalize it.

I think that from the beginning, the topic about my musical preferences have been taken it out of context creating an absurd war between fans of musical genres of Pop Rock and Reggaeton, a situation that is increasingly out of proportion.

Music has no enemies. It seems to me that it is clear that I focus on the exploration of Pop Rock in all its aspects ever since I started my career, and that I am a fan of classical music and Jazz.

My proposal has never been based on trends, I firmly believe that a good composition is timeless regardless of gender. My main vocation is to express myself through creation. The fame and popularity of my work have been a great gift of fate because the truth is that I never believed that my musical taste could go beyond a minority group of followers just as crazy as me, which makes me feel very lucky.

 I have already admitted some time ago that my comment in the interview with Adela Micha was not a correct way to express myself and ensure that my intention is to promote musical diversity.

I hope they leave me alone with that repetitive subject that has no relevance."

Syntek also thanked his supporting fans who, according to him, have known him for 27 years and know that above all he is "a gentleman, sometimes crazy but always well intentioned."

Syntek is currently working on his new album Trasatlántico. "As for doing some reggaeton, I have been proposed to some things, but I don't see it necessary. I am focused on Trastlántico, and I want to make a festival tour with the singers who participate in my album."

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