Alex Rodriguez is rumored to have asked his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, to stop being so controlling. The allegations came after rumors swirled that the “World Of Dance” judge has been treating Rodriguez like one of her minions.

A tabloid also said that Lopez knows that she has control issues, but everything around her also needs to be JLo approved. An unnamed source told the tabloid that Lopez is so controlling that she needs to decide on what she and Rodriguez should wear when they are on vacation.

Lopez is also the one who decides where they will eat, where they will go, what they will do, etcetera. The unnamed source went as far as saying that Lopez required the dad of two to show her his social media comments first before posting them.

Rodriguez allegedly told Lopez that he loves her but also urged her to back off a bit. However, rumor-debunking site Gossip Cop confirmed that there is no truth to the claims. The publication said that Rodriguez doesn’t think Lopez is controlling.

The couple’s relationship is also getting stronger and stronger. And the idea that the former baseball player wants to marry a woman who he thinks is overbearing and controlling just doesn’t make sense.

Lopez and Rodriguez have been together for a few years, so it’s likely that they already know each other’s personality. In March, Rodriguez proposed to Lopez during their vacation despite already knowing who she is.

During their anniversary, Rodriguez penned a touching tribute to his then girlfriend. Based on what he wrote about Lopez, it seems that he truly doesn’t think the singer/actress is controlling.

“From baseball games to traveling across the world to shows in Vegas. We have done it all together and every moment with you is cherished,” he wrote. “Where this road will take us next is unknown but there is no one else I would rather have by my side. The journey is just beginning and I’m excited for what’s ahead,” he added.

Lopez and Rodriguez are rumored to tie the knot next year. However, details about their upcoming union are still being kept under wraps.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Photo of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Getty Images