Jennifer Lopez couldn’t be happier to be eating carbs again. After successfully completing her 10-day no-carb and no-sugar diet, Lopez’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, revealed that she has changed her diet again.

On his Instagram Story, Rodriguez uploaded a video of his fiancée consuming a full plate of salad with field greens, radishes, a variety of lean meat and a side plate of finger sandwiches. Lopez is in her workout gear in the short video.

Also featured in the video is Lopez’s huge diamond engagement ring from Rodriguez. The former baseball star asked for Lopez’s hand in marriage in March, and she said yes.

Before returning to the United States, Lopez was in Texas for a series of performances as part of her “It’s My Party Tour.” The live shows were scheduled to commemorate Lopez’s 50th birthday on July 24.

Prior to the It’s My Party tour, Lopez announced that she would be embarking on a diet challenge with Rodriguez. After successfully completing it, Lopez congratulated herself and those who participated in the tough journey.

“Alright guys, so I just got back from the gym,” Lopez said. “It’s day 10, day 10! We did it, we’re here. I mean, we still have the rest of the day but I’m feeling pretty good like we can finish. Alex and I struggled through. Anyone who has stuck with us through the 10-day challenge, congratulations,” she said in the video she uploaded on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Lopez also explained her 10-day challenge to Hoda Kotb when she appeared on the “Today” show. She said that anything that has sugar or carbs in it cannot be consumed for 10 days straight.

“The first and second day is when you realize you’re addicted to sugar. It’s like a drug,” she said. Lopez’s trainer was the one that encouraged her to try the diet to help her reset her body so that she could consume healthier food. “Now, when I go back to eating fruit in 10 days, it’s going to taste like an ice cream sundae,” she joked.

Jennifer Lopez JLO Dance Again World Tour 2012. At Allphones Arena, Sydney Australia. Hasitha Tudugalle/Flickr