Aliens will stop Russian President Vladimir Putin if he tries to use nuclear weapons in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, said illusionist Uri Geller.

They will use advanced technology to scramble the Russian leader's warheads, according to the spoon-bender, reported Daily Star. The 75-year-old said that with one click of a button, people can "stop the traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and we can knock out radar systems." He noted that humans can do anything with cyberspace today, so one can imagine what "extraterrestrials can do.”

Geller thinks that aliens could arrive on Earth in the next five years. They are expected to come in peace. He predicted that the creatures from another planet will land at an iconic location like the mysterious Easter Island or among the pyramids. He shared that if an extraterrestrial alien civilization will land on Earth, "it is not going to be an invasion. It is going to be friendly." He said that if aliens were hostile to humans, "we would have been destroyed a long time ago.”

He claimed to have had his mysterious powers tested by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. At the location, research has been carried out into nuclear weapons. The Americans approached him when they needed the Russians to sign the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in 1991, he claimed and added that he used the power of his mind to convince one Russian signatory to put pen to paper.

Geller said that aliens are "not going to allow us to go into a nuclear war." He doesn’t think that aliens would have to land here to stop Putin from pressing the button.

This comes as one of Putin’s top propagandists warned that a “massive nuclear strike” could result in only a “couple of mutants” surviving, reported Daily Star. The war in Ukraine recently dragged across its 100th day, and Putin ramped up his threats. He suggested that he will strike new targets if the US delivers long-range missiles to Ukraine. Vladimir Solovyov, who is a key propagandist, said that a nuclear strike is imminent.

The threats were delivered amid the news that Britain is sending rocket systems to Ukraine to arm the nation against Russians.

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in an economic forum of former Soviet countries held in Bishkek, via a video link in Moscow on May 26, 2022. Photo by Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

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