'American Horror Story' Season 3 Premiere Date: Watch New 'Coven' Trailer With Confirmed Release Date [VIDEO]

"American Horror Story" Season 3 "Coven" premiers on FX on October 9th. Tumblr.com

Fans of “American Horror Story” get ready because we are just six weeks away from the Season 3 premiere! Season 3 of “American Horror Story” has been dubbed “Coven,” and it sounds like it’s going to be the just about the craziest plot yet. FX will premiere “Coven” on October 9th with its debut episode, “Bitchcraft.”

Alright, anything on TV with a witty obscenity peaks my interest, but episode 1 one already sounds awesome based off its name. Witchcraft + “American Horror Story” means that I’ll will not be well rested on October 10th. Anyway, the second episode on October 16 is "Boy Parts," which instantly gives me the idea that this episode will not be pleasant, and the third (October 23) is "The Replacements," another phrase that makes me think “Coven” will start off with a bang and blood.

So as for some real spoilers regarding “Coven” executive producer Tim Minear did admit that “American Horror Story” will be heading back to its roots thematically. Like Season 1 “Murder House,” Season 3 will have a strong theme of “family.” “Oppression of minorities of all kinds” will also be a major theme this season. So does that mean women? Because we would love to see some vengeful women using “Bitchcraft” to seek revenge!

 More news about Season 3 has streamed in bit by bit, “Coven” is set in New Orleans, which certainly holds a reputation for voodoo and magic, the cast will feature several women who recently escaped the Salem witch trials. Some of the original cast of “American Horror Story” will have quite a dynamic relationship shift in “Coven.” This season, Sarah Paulson will be playing Jessica Lange’s daughter. IBTimes has confirmed that Lange will be playing a witch, but no word on whether her daughter will be one as well.

Another exciting feature of Season 3 will be a time spilt that takes place in the plot. The storyline of “Coven” will be split between modern day and the 1830’s. So now we know that it will be in New Orleans, spilt between past and present, and witches will be involved. But just exactly will the witches encounter after fleeing persecution in Salem? Marie Laveau. Ring a bell? No. Well that’s ok, guess its time for you to catch up on your folklore! Viewers will meet Marie Laveau, the 19th century centenarian known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Laveau, a prolific practice of Voudoun, will be portrayed by Angela Bassett. So we are expecting to see some voodoo versus magic. I am really curious now who is more powerful in the occult voodoo priestesses or witches?

Check out the new trailer for “American Horror Story” Season 3 “Coven”


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