Cordelia Foxx may surprise the fans of "American Horror Story: Coven" may ascending her to her mother's throne as the next Supreme. Find out way we think the humble headmistress is most likely the next in line to rule the Coven. FX

While I have thoroughly enjoyed Season 3 of “American Horror Story” it’s safe to say that the entire plot of “Coven” has revolved around the search for the next Supreme, first it was Madison, then it was Zoe, then Misty Day, and maybe even Queenie. Last week, we finally saw the end to the reigning Supreme, Fiona was betrayed by her own daughter and lover, and literally got the axe. Cordelia’s power of sight seemed to return at just the right time, in order to view her mother’s devious plans for the Coven in order to protect the few remaining witches, and put an end to her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Cordelia informed the Axeman of Fiona’s true intentions. Although with the old Supreme dead and gone, the new Supreme must rise and take control of the Coven in their desperate time of need. In order to discover who the leader amongst them is, Cordelia who acts as the headmistress of Miss Robichaux’s called for “The Seven Wonders.” We have heard of this ancient test in early episodes of Season 3, and now in the finale episode, fans will finally be able to witness the witches’ great powers. However alluringly, “The Seven Wonders” is still a dangerous and life threatening test, which concludes with one of the students being regarded as the next Supreme of the Coven. So who will the next Supreme be? Well we have a theory that is certainly being pulled from our pointed hat, but the more we think about it, the more rational it seems. The next Supreme of the Coven will be Cordelia Foxx, the daughter of the late Supreme Fiona Goode. Why? Well let’s break it down.

Cordelia showed true leadership and displayed her ability to take control of a hectic situation in last week’s episode “Go To Hell.” When the Axeman attempts to enter Miss Robichaux’s and slaughter the Coven, Cordelia organizes her students and the girls not only defend themselves they use his axe on him. This was not the first time we saw Cordelia’s commanding spirit, in episode 9 “Head” Cordelia and Misty Day work on a potion in the greenhouse, after a success concoction, Misty quips about her teacher’s potion prowess. “You’re such an awesome leader Miss Cordelia. I’ve got so much to learn from you.” However instead of taking the compliment, Cordelia quickly clarifies that “Fiona is the leader of this coven.” She almost seems too unwilling to ever want the job or the title, as if she knows it more personally.

Cordelia has rejected the idea of being a superior witch from early on in the series, warning her bickering students, “Being the Supreme isn’t something to wish for, it’s not a gift, it’s a burden.” The position is royalty amongst the Coven, and while we understand why Cordelia would have distaste for the current Supreme, she should not have such an opposition to the coveted role, unless she knows something more. She could already know that she is displaying signs of being the next Supreme, and considering her mother’s horrible legacy, been in extreme denial about taking on the role of next Supreme witch. Furthermore, when Cordelia explains to history of the “Supreme” to her students when performing the “Sacred Taking,” one key point she emphasizes is the fact that one doesn’t get to choose whether she is or isn’t the Supreme, somewhat implying she knows about the experience firsthand. It seems most likely that Cordelia is probably suppressing her powers in a refusal to be like her mother.

If she is the next Supreme it would give more reason to why she underwent a gruesome second eye surgery to regain her “Sight.” In order to become the next Supreme, the witch must be able to perform all the acts of the “Seven Wonders”, which includes telekinesis, concilium, transmutation, divination, vitalum vitalis, descensum and pyrokinesis. While I must admit that Cordelia has not showed a real growth in powers like the young witches of the Coven, this could have been on purpose. What have we really seen Cordelia do magic wise, other than make a few potions? Nothing, she has never really projected her powers for the Coven or even the audience to see, maybe that’s because she’s hiding them!

The last two piece of evidences that is pushed us to believe Cordelia will be the Supreme are the most important. First, “American Horror Story: Coven” is so a show deeply entrenched in its overarching themes, one of these main themes being mother-daughter relationships. The ultimate demise of Fiona was rather boring in terms of AHS, and while Cordelia certainly pushed the Axeman to murder her mother, she didn’t swing the axe. The pair never got to a resolution, good, or bad. While Fiona showed a glimpse of her tender heart after Cordelia was blinded, she has repeatedly abandoned her daughter her entire life, no necklace can mend that broke heart. Nor do I really believe that Cordelia will even be able to fully open her heart to her selfish mother again, but in spite of all of that, they must have a finale scene together. Fiona is the Supreme of the Coven, and Jessica Lange is the queen of “American Horror Story” there is no way she will be down and out for the finale. We think that she is coming back, and the pair will have an ultimate Supreme showdown. Without a mother-daughter resolution, Fiona’s death will be anticlimactic in comparison to the rest of the series, in addition, I don’t think Ryan Murphy would relentlessly explore the character dynamic between Fiona and Cordelia without it having more importance in the Coven’s ultimate conclusion.

The final and most important piece of information comes straight from the source. FX recently released the series finale synopsis. The episode which is aptly entitled, “The Seven Wonders” reveals that a new Supreme will be revealed in episode 13, however, she will “begin her reign by performing a heartbreaking task.” Perhaps the first act of the Cordelia monarchy will be killing her mother herself and ascending to her throne? And this puts it over the edge, the new Supreme will also have “one last piece of unfinished business” she has to attend to. Certainly can’t have your undead mom trying to sabotage your rightful Supreme title and Coven, am I right?

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