Sofia Vergara could be one of the next judges in “America’s Got Talent” season 15. This news came after it was reported that the Colombian-American actress has been invited by the NBC TV execs for a meeting earlier this week. 

According to TMZ, bosses from the said TV network and Freemantle which produces “AGT” recently had a meeting with Vergara. They were said to have discussed about her addition to the show as one of the replacements for the two vacated judges’ panel seats. It was added that aside from this, NBC also mentioned many other possible projects for the actress. 

It can be recalled that Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough have not been invited back for season 15 of “America’s Got Talent.” The two left the show with a heavy heart as they were “fired” due to unpleasant reasons. Union and Hough officially departed from the program late last month.  

Union has gone public about the working atmosphere on “AGT,” claiming it has a “toxic culture” and emphasized that she was taken out after she aired some complaints such as the producers giving comments about their appearance. She cited an incident where her hairstyle was once described as “too black.” 

Fox News further reported that Union was dismissed just after one season for urging the show producers to report an incident where Jay Leno reportedly made a racist joke. This particular episode aired on Aug. 6 and the joke part was edited out as requested but still, Union pushed for human resources to be notified.  

In defense, people behind “America’s Got Talent” stated that they routinely rotate judges so Union and Hough’s dismissal was “nothing out of ordinary.” As the issue escalates, NBC stated that it has launched an investigation over Union's claims. 

“We remain committed to ensuring a respectful workplace for all employees and take very seriously any questions about workplace culture,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted NBC and Fremantle as saying in a joint statement. “We are working with Ms. Union through her representatives to hear more about her concerns, following which we will take whatever next steps may be appropriate.”

Meanwhile, there is no official announcement yet but Sofia Vergara is expected to be one of the newest judges in the upcoming “America’s Got Talent” season 15. It has been confirmed to premiere on Jan. 6 at 8 p.m.