Ana Maria Polo Crossover: Television Star Premieres New English Court Show 'Ana Polo Rules' [INTERVIEW]

Ana Maria Polo
Ana Maria Polo premieres new court show in English! Photo: Getty Images

Dr. Ana Maria Polo is bringing her intelligence, sassiness and one of a kind style of justice to English Language television. After her Telemundo successful court show “Caso Cerrado,” Dr. Polo premieres “Ana Polo Rules,” a half-hour show that will be broadcast on select Fox-owned stations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin and Phoenix, beginning August 7.

Known as the “Judge Judy” of Hispanic television, Dr. Ana Maria Polo, is one of Spanish television’s most influential personalities within the United States and abroad. Dr. Polo boasts over 15 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined, a testament to her great popularity.

In “Ana Polo Rules,” audiences will be able to enjoy Polo’s distinct personality in a court show that will showcase current topics ranging from the outrageous to the heartbreaking. Latin Times spoke with Dr. Polo and she explained what cases can we expect from the new show and the differences between "Ana Polo Rules" and "Caso Cerrado."

"The show has the same format as 'Caso Cerrado' and as always, I am bringing my own personal style of justice, my vision and my philosophy," said Polo. "The audience will be able to watch cases about family disputes, relationship issues, or disagreements between friends that will get a resolution with a human touch."

"The crossover has always been a dream of mine. I am an American Citizen and I feel like a part of this population. I was raised and educated in the United States, I have been an attorney here in the state of Florida for many years, and I thought it would be the natural progression for me to reach an audience that I consider part of my culture and my roots," said Polo explaining how did she took the decision of doing the cross over.

"I fought for it, I went to various networks, and I pitched a lot of executives because I think that my brand of justice, or the way in which I conduct my show is different from the rest of the court shows. It is refreshing, informal and I feel that people like it and can relate to it."

When Dr. Ana Maria Polo gives the final verdict in "Caso Cerrado" she usually says "He Dicho! Caso Cerrado!" Latin Times asked her what her English catchphrase will be at the end of "Ana Polo Rules," and she said it will be “This is how I Rule!”

Dr. Polo also revealed that she might be singing the "Ana Polo Rules" jingle. "Maybe, but I don’t know yet. I wrote the theme song for 'Caso Cerrado' 6 years after I had started doing the show," said the judge. "That is when the inspiration came to me, if the inspiration comes to me for 'Ana Polo Rules' as it develops, I will definitely sing the 'Ana Polo Rules' theme song."

She also hopes her fans will accept the new show in English. "I think this is a very special time because audiences are evolving and now there is no such thing as Spanish Television or English Television, instead there is a great combination of cultures," said Polo. 

"A big part of the population is bilingual and I feel we are more open minded to other cultures and other people. It doesn’t matter where we come from, who we are, conflict is always a part of the human race. So, if people are open to informality and to know that justice is stronger than the laws and that fairness is more important than any rules and regulations they will see a show that is irreverent, informal, and that resolves conflict," she added.

Finally, Dr. Polo sent a message to all the Hispanics in the United States. "My message to the Latino community is that we are an asset to the population of the United States, we enrich the culture with our own culture and with the way we are. We are respectful, hardworking people so keep on going. I love you, I will always be a voice for you, I will always be a presence for the Latino community and I thank you always for the support you have given me throughout these 16 years of 'Caso Cerrado.'"

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