Andres Moreno
Andres Moreno died Christmas day morning while being rushed to the hospital. Twitter

Andres Moreno, the World's Heaviest Man, passed away at 38 years old due to a heart attack. Moreno died Christmas Day morning in Sonora, Mexico while being rushed to the hospital. "Andres died at 8.30a.m. on Christmas Day in an ambulance from a heart attack as he was taken from his house to San Jose Hospital," said his publicist Carmen Palacios in a statement, also stating that he could not be revived. "We are dismayed by the news," she added.

Moreno, who at his heaviest weighed 980lbs, weighed over 700lbs when he suffered the heart attack. Prior to his fatal death, he accomplished to lose 266lbs naturally and recently had weight loss surgery with the hopes to slim down to 175lbs and find a wife.

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo gave Moreno a signed Real Madrid shirt just weeks before his unexpected death. The gift was in support of his efforts to slim down and to encourage him to get healthy. "I want to thank everyone, especially Ronaldo, for taking interest in my case," Moreno expressed at the time, reports Daily Mail.

Andres was the second Mexican to claim the Guinness World Record title of World's Fattest Man following Manuel Uribe from Monterrey. Uribe, who was titled Heaviest Man Alive in 2006, weighed 1,230lbs. He died in 2014 at the age of 48.

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