Angelica Rivera, First Lady Of Mexico, Says Enrique Peña Nieto Always Makes Time For Their 6 Kids: See Family Photo

Mexico President Peña Nieto
Mexico's First Family Facebook

Angelica Rivera, First Lady of Mexico, has shared precious family photo of the whole presidential clan across social media. In the photo we can see PaulinaNicole Alejandro Peña Pretelini,  the "Destialndo Amor" star as well as Sofía,Fernanda y Regina Castro. She also took the opportunity to share some of the values that make her family what it is, reavealing some of the sweetest moments of her husband, Enrique Peña Nieto, from the comfort of their home. The photo was shared on her Facebook account and has over 92,000 likes.

The image really speaks for itself: a warm, close-knit family of 6. But Angélica Rivera emphasised the familial harmony that she and the Mexican President have created. "To have a family," she writes, "it is built and worked on with love everyday. As parents, let us be an example of harmony and peace to our children." The political beauty also published a photo on Facebook, in which President Peña Nieto can be seen taking time out from running the country to share a moment with the littlest member of the family, Regina. "He always finds time to be near us. Today, after dinner, talking with Regis." 

The first lady's Facebook wall is indeed filled with images from her travels with her husband around the worlds, as well as intimate family moments of presidential life. The former actress is credited as being instrumental to Peña Nieto's election campaign. 

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