Many have started to suffer from Instagram fatigue due to the love and hate relationship in some publications. Scrolling down without stopping, until finding something eye catching has become a habit because many users on Instagram post things that no longer impresses anyone. It’s not a myth that social media is a network full of fantasies, where normal people, with regular lives and regular jobs share a superstar lifestyle just to impress.

Tell me what you like on Instagram and I’ll tell you who you are - yes! Even if you like your own picture. For some people liking pictures is meaningless, but for others a like is more than that. A “Like” on Instagram is the representation of your taste, but sometimes even family members or your closest friends take things to eye-rolling levels and once you realize it, you are caught up in between liking the pretty picture with the nonrelated motivational quote, and the forced “repost, like and comment below” just to help your friend win the giveaway with products that in the first place are of dubious origin.

The list of things that most people are tired of seeing on Instagram is endless, but there are some in particular that should remain in 2017. Latin Times teamed up with Fashion Entrepreneur José Arias from Hey Josey!, to share the 12 capital sins of the most popular social network in the world.

How Annoying Are You On Instagram? 12 Trends We Should Leave In 2017

1. The one who shows the selfie stick so everyone knows you are using a selfie stick – not so smart!

This abomination of accessory has ruined selfies left and right! The purpose of the stick is to give the distance you need to catch as much people and background in the picture, while pretending that someone else is taking it, not you! With that being said the selfie stick is not supposed to be seeing on your photo. According to Arias carrying the stick all the time is tiring. “I think using your arm is perfectly fine and it's cheap too!” he said.

2. Buying Instagram followers and pretend you are an influencer

“I am not going to lie. I was very close into buying my Instagram followers, but I've realized that it wasn't worth it,” revealed José. “Why pay for pretty much ‘ghost followers’ when you can have real followers who genuinely like your pictures. It's shallow and it doesn't make you #instafamous. Isn’t suspicious how some users have 10,000 followers and then their photos less than 70 likes? And yes! They also celebrated reaching the 10K followers mark. Congratulations on your recent purchase.

3. Selfies at the Gym and why you are doing them wrong

  • You have more cheat meal pictures than actual gym pictures.
  • After three days they switch up to a “health guru” persona and start writing inspirational quotes.
  • Your before and after pictures are 2 days apart. Progress doesn’t happen overnight.
  • You are always checking your phone at the gym when you should be working out – are you doing the Insanity routine?

4. A whole paragraph full of Hashtags when your account is private.

And sis wonders why she only has 3 likes. Spoiler alert: Your account is private!

5. It’s okay to over-hashtag, but we can tell you are desperate for likes If you hashtag the filter that you are using. #Claredon, #Aden, #Lo-Fi, just stop!

6. The so much commented Giveaways

"How could you possible afford to give away an iPhone X if you still have a Galaxy S5?” asks José. 

7. The "I live where you vacation" Hashtag

“No, sis. You work there,” says Arias. New Yorkers don’t brag about that you don’t live in New York when you upload a picture in Times Square next to the Naked Cowboy, Elmo, Elsa and Captain America.

8. Are your sick, dying or faking it to avoid going to work on your hospital selfie?

You are literally forcing Instagrammers at "emoji gunpoint” to feel bad and worried about you. “A picture of yourself in a hospital room with an IV stick almost glued to your arm is all for the sake of likes,” said Arias. “Unless you are delivering a baby, we don't need to know you are at the hospital if you only have a cold.”

9. Random pictures with random song lyrics as captions

This used to be a huge trend in 2008 during the Facebook frenzy, it's time to move on. Help the rest of your feed to avoid to eye roll, unless you are recommending the song to the community with a screenshot from Spotify or TIDAL.

10. The self-proclaimed Coach and their daily "Motivational Quotes"

"Don't tell me to be myself and follow my dreams when you're naked in your profile picture," said Arias. "Or working aswering calls in Costumer Service when you study Communications." - Well at least you are communicating over the phone!   

11. Photos and videos with alcohol

"Do you have to laugh out loud while holding a glass of champaign? Are you already drunk?" is questioning Arias. Cheers to that! 

12. The people who likes their own pictures

We already know you like the photo, that's the reason why you posted. Right?