The new reign of King Charles III appears to be going through a bumpy start on Tuesday after multiple arrests of people dissenting against the crown have many calling for the police to respect the citizens’ desires to express discontent over the monarchy.

A man was recently filmed getting into an altercation with British police outside of Parliament for holding an empty, blank piece of paper, with police reasoning that the sign could become offensive if the man would write down “not my King” while he stood there, according to the Independent.

“Just went to Parliament Square and held up a blank piece of paper,” Paul Powlesland said. “Officer came and asked for my details. He confirmed that if I wrote ‘Not My King’ on it, he would arrest me under the Public Order Act because someone might be offended.”

Powlesland’s statement comes as more and more arrests appear to be piling up in the United Kingdom in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, with many of these arrests being for expressing discontent and dissent at members of the monarchy or at the monarchy itself, the Guardian reported.

One man was arrested for heckling Prince Andrew regarding his alleged sexual abuse cases while the prince walked at a funeral procession in Edinburgh, whilst another was arrested for holding up an “abolish monarchy” sign during a proclamation ceremony. A woman was also filmed being pushed away by police from Parliament while holding a “Not My King” signage.

Many have expressed concern at the growing number of incidents and arrests related to what appears to be the squashing of anti-monarchy sentiments, with figures such as Scotland Member of Parliament Joanna Cherry questioning the police’s eagerness at repressing rights.

“I’m concerned by reports in Scotland & England of seemingly legitimate protesters being arrested,” Cherry said. “Whilst many might question whether this is an appropriate time for such protests, the right to protest is fundamental to our democracy & should be facilitated.”

“We are here because people have been arrested or threatened with arrest for holding up anti-monarchy signs. If we did so now the police would take us away, which is why our signs now are blank,” civil liberties activist Quan Nguyen said.

A spokesperson on the National Police Chiefs’ Council on Tuesday has spoken out and promised to look for a balance between the people’s desire to protest and the people’s desire to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, saying that they “have issued guidance to forces on how they should do this, in order to ensure a national consistency of approach.”

Anti-monarchy protests continue to grow in the United Kingdom on Tuesday as multiple arrests of people expressing dissent against King Charles III has many angry over the trampling of freedom of speech rights. This is a representational image. Annie Spratt/Unsplash.

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