Apple iOS 7.1 Beta Released: How To Get The New Beta On Your iOS Device! [TUTORIAL]

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Apple has unexpectedly released the new iOS 7.1 beta. The new software is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad mini, of course if you are a developer. The new beta arrives as build 11D5099e and comes right on the heels of the release of iOS 7.0.4, which was released November 14. If you are interested in having the new beta then you are in luck. In this article we will explain how to get the new iOS 7.1 beta on your Apple iOS device.

So what's new in iOS 7.1 beta? According to developers who have downloaded the recent firmware the footnotes mention that Apple has added an HDR Auto mode, and some changes to fonts and button sizes. Many users are hoping that this update fixes the multiple issues plaguing the current version of iOS. These issues include: including, problems with Bluetooth, iTunes Match, notifications, iMessages not working, Siri microphone quirks, and Wi-Fi.

Not to mention that users have reported multiple crashes when using the new multitasking interface, which in turn causes the device to restart. It is also worth noting that with this current update developers are reporting that Apple has tried to fix FaceTime calls, which have been all whacky since iOS 7 released. Meanwhile the company also released a beta for Apple TV. The new beta update comes as version 6.1. Both the iOS 7.1 beta and Apple TV 6.1 beta's are available for download from the links below.

Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to having the latest Apple iOS beta software and Apple TV update! First and foremost remember to back up your phone before installing any software on your iOS device. Also download your designated file for your iOS device (which can be found below courtesy of iDesignTimes), but be sure that it is the proper file for your iOS device.

1. To get an iOS developer account, you must visit the Apple website and purchase a developer account. The cost is $99 a year for an Apple developer's account.

2. You will also need to register your developer device in the iOS Development Center to authenticate the device.

3. Before downloading the iOS 7.1 Beta, back up your files on iTunes. This is a precaution just in case the device crashes and loses your data and you have to start from scratch, you can grab the backup from iTunes.

4. Once you satisfied all of the above requirements and procedures, you can then proceed to the actual downloading and installing of iOS 7 beta.

5. **WARNING: Keep in mind that when preparing to test a beta version of the iOS 7.1 software, you will want to use an alternate device - not your main or personal device as bugs in the beta can cause crashes or even "bricking" of the device.

6. iOS 7.1 beta currently supports iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 (CDMA and GSM and global GSM), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 (GSM, GMS Rev A and CDMA) and iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 2, 3 and 4, as well as iPad Mini and iPad Air.

    As you update to the latest iOS 7.1 Beta feel free to share what's new or changed in the latest beta in the comments section below!

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