Apple sends out invitations for its upcoming September event. Reuters

A retired Intel Corp. president named Avram Miller, has recently revealed that Apple is working on their own search engine to compete directly with Google that is expected to be unveiled fall of 2015.

In Miller's blog Two Thirds Done he claims Apple's Steve Jobs started the "Apple Found" project before his death, which is supposedly a direct competitor to Google's search engine.

In the blog post titled "How Apple crushed Google in the fall of 2015 from my book 'The Future History of Technology'" Miller writes, "It was not important to Apple to monetize Search, what was important was for Apple to disable the Google money machine to defend its franchise."

But that is not even the best part. According to Miller, Jobs is expected to unveil the service in 2015 with a pre-recorded announcement message. However this could all be a ploy to sell books as Miller writes, "OK, this was all made up or was it? You will have to wait for about [one-and-a-half] years to find out."

Meanwhile Apple is rumored to be announcing a plethora of devices and services this summer at WWDC including new iPads, the much rumored iWatch, iOS 8 and much more!

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