Apple is expected to reveal its latest wearable, the Apple Watch 6, this year. Thankfully, someone got a hold of the leaked iOS 14 code revealing some of the features the gadget will support.

Sleep Tracking Feature Confirmed

Rumors surfaced last year that the Apple Watch might finally come with the long-awaited sleep-tracking feature. It looks like those rumors where true as it has been confirmed by recent leaks.

Leaked iOS 14 code obtained by 9to5Mac reveals that the Apple Watch Series 6 would indeed support a sleep tracking feature. The iPhone Health app supports setting for personalized sleep goals, which suggest that it could be getting its data from the wearable. The app will also give recommendations to the user on how to improve their sleep quality and duration.

Parental Controls

Parents will be more in control with the Apple Watches of their children. There’s a parental control feature that allows them to monitor and put restrictions on their children’s wearables such as contacts and music. There’s a new feature called Schooltime where parents can set which apps their children can access via the Apple Watch during specific hours, according to Tech Radar.

Monitor Blood Oxygen

One of the most high-tech features coming to the Apple Watch 6 is the ability to monitor its wearer’s blood oxygen levels. This feature is also available in one of its competitor, the Fitbit Versa 2.

There’s a reason why monitoring one’s blood oxygen level is important. Blood oxygen levels between 95 and 100 percent are considered normal while falling below 90 percent is already considered low.

But wearers should be worried if the level falls to below 80 percent as it could lead to something more dangerous. A prolonged period of very low blood oxygen level increases the risk of cardiac arrest and other respiratory issues.

The code did not give any hints as to how the wearable might be able to measure the blood oxygen level. There is a possibility that it might use an optical sensor to do the job.

Better ECG Scans

The Apple Watch 6 will arrive with better ECG scanning capability. It will be more accurate in detecting and measuring pulse between the 100 and 120 beats per minute range, which was a range that the Apple Watch 4 and 5 had difficulty with.

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