Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference today, June 2. The event will begin its traditional keynote (which will be live streamed this year), headlined by CEO Tim Cook and the rest of the executive members and we'll be here live blogging the event so you can see what is happening.  

Fans have speculated that we are bound to see lots of exciting things at WWDC this year. We've already seen rumors all over the internet indicating iOS 8 will be shown off and it's more than likely that the next version of OS X will be shown too. As for new hardware rumors have been floating around that we will finally see an iWatch from the Cupertino-based company as well as a new version of the iPad Air, iPad mini and MacBook Air. We may even see Apple's highly-rumored smart home system and an updated Apple TV.  

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, WWDC, starts at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Latin Times will be there to bring you all the latest all the news and commentary from the event. So make sure to log back into Latin Times to find out what Apple has up its sleeve this year.

2:57 - That is it! We're all done! 

2:56 - Cook is thanking all of the teams responsibile for today's features and announcements.

2:55 - "Apple engineers' platforms, devices, and services together — we do this so that we can create a seamless experience for our users that's unparalleled in the industry. This is something only Apple can do."

2:54 - Tim Cook is back. Will he have a "one more thing?"

2:53 - iOS 8 will arrive in the fall for consumers and beta for developers today. 

2:52 - Demo is complete 

2:49 - While I'm not entirely sure what is happening with Swift we do understand that these tools will make for better apps for all your iOS devices. 

2:48 - Now a demo of Swift

2:47 - It's called Swift

2:46 - Apple introduces a new programming language and the crowd of devs goes nuts.

2:44 - On to Xcode

2:43 - SceneKit and SpriteKit announced for sasual games

2:42 - Epic's Zen Garden demo will be available for free when iOS 8 launches.

2:40 - Tim Sweeney takes the stage. And he shows off "Unreal 4" demo. 

2:39 - Demos of Unity, CryTek and EA have all been working with Metal.

2:38 - A new graphics tool called "Metal" which provides more efficient use of the processing power of iPhone and iPad.

2:36 - Now CloudKit

2:35 - Pretty cool stuff but kind of technical. The example given for HomeKit said, "Time for bed" into Siri and all of your home's locks locking, lights turning down, shutting the garage, etc.

2:34 - HomeKit is a new SDK feature that allows apps to work with connected home devices like smart lcoks, lighting and more.

2:34 - Now new HomeKit features

2:33 - Third party apps can utilize TouchID

2:33 - Now TouchID

2:29 - Time for a demo

2:28 - Third-party apps can now offer widgets for the notifications center.

2:27 - Over 4000 new APIs in the iOS 8 SDK. Now developers have the opportunity to share data and extensions to other apps and services.

2:26 - Now on to SDK

2:26 - New feature called TestFlight lets developers let consumers test their apps. 

2:25 - Also developers can now add video previews. 

2:25 - Developers can add "App Bundles" which combine multiple apps for a discounted price.

2:24 - New upgrades to the App Store app. New Explore tab for greater app browsing. Trending searches. Scrolling results. and "Editor's Choice" logos for apps. 

2:23 - over 300 million people visit the App store every week and over 75 billion apps downloaded to date. 

2:22 - Tim Cook is back

2:21 - Shazam song recognition right within Siri. Purchase songs directly from within Siri. Streaming voice recognition for improved precision.

2:21 - Siri! 

2:20 - New iCloud pricing: First 5GB is free then 20GB for $0.99 a month and 200GB for $3.99 a month.

2:18 - Time for a demo

2:17 - Edits to photos are also synced over iCloud so that changes are present on all your iOS devices.

2:16 - New integrated photo editing tools.

2:15 - You can also search for photos from anytime period using keyword.

2:14 - On to Photos. iCloud now syncs photo organization, albums, etc., across all your iOS devices.

2:13 - Family Sharing allows parents to find their kids' devices via GPS. It also allows unified access to multiple iTunes purchases across six users.

2:12 - Now to Family Sharing

2:10 - It monitors all sorts of health metrics and works with third-party apps, like Nike+. It allows data to be shared directly with healthcare providers part of the MayoClinic network.

2:09 - HealthKit is Apple's new health features suite for iOS 8.

2:09 - Now on to health

2:07 - Talking about enterprise features.

2:04 - Time for a demo!

2:00 - You can now add or remove users to iMessage threads. You can leave threads now.

2:00 - You can now name messaging threads on iOS 8. 

1:58 - Quick Type is a new keyboard feature for iOS. It adds predictive typing suggestions. It can detect relevant responses to texts you've received!

1:55 - There are also new swipe gestures for your inbox, allowing you to delete or flag messages quickly.

1:53 - When you get a banner notification from Facebook, like a photo tagging, you can "Like" it from the banner graphic. No need to launch the app.

1:53 - For Mail, you can now swipe an email draft down on iPad so you can search through or refer to another email

1:51 - Double tap not only brings up multitasking, but adds a bar of frequent contacts.

1:51 - You can now reply to texts directly from the dropdown without leaving an app.

1:50 - Craig is back to show off the new features.

1: 49 - iOS 8! 

1:46 - "They bought an Android — by mistake — but wanted a better experience, and a better life"

1:46 - Cook takes shots at Android! 

1:45 - iOS is up next.

1:44 -And Tim Cook is back.

1:44 - Consumers get it in the fall for free!

1:44 - The developer preview for Mac OS X Yosemite starts today.

1:42 - he's calling Dr. Dre.

1:39 - It also works with calls. You can now see caller ID, answer, and take the call from your Mac.

1:38 - SMS messages now appear EVERYWHERE, not just iMessages.

1:38 - Also improved hotspot pairing. OS X detects your iPhone and then pairs without entering a password or any setup.

1:37 - If you're working on something on a Mac, you can just swipe up on your iPad to keep working on it on your tablet.

1:36 - There's also a new feature called Hand Off.

1:36 - Air Drop now works between Mac and iOS devices.

1:35 - Now onto OS X's new Continuity feature/design element.

1:34 - You can draw custom shapes, and Markup cleans up the lines. If you draw an ugly arrow, it makes it pretty.

1:33 - Markup — the new Mail annotation feature — allows for text, shapes, a magnifying glass, and other ways to alter an image from right within Mail.

1:29 - The new Safari supprots WebGL and HTML 5 Premium video for improved battery life. Up to two hours more on a MacBook Air.

1:28 - Safari also now surfaces most frequent contacts so you can share a link seamlessly to them.

1:28 - Smart Search in Safari will now automatically pull your bookmarks. No need to have a bookmarks bar.

1:25 - It syncs across all Apple platforms. Files are immediately synced to a desktop folder.

1:24 - iCloud Drive is next

1:19 - Search now appears in the middle of the screen. Apple is also introducing a "Dark Mode" that makes all of the UI a translucent black.

1:17 - Notification center is getting an overhaul.

1:15 - "Focused on clarity as well as utility"

1:14 - A lot of similarities to iOS 7.

1:13 - The latest version of OS X will be called "Yosemite"

1:12 - "OS X Oxnard. OS X Weed"

1:12 - Jokes about the new OS X name!

1:10 - 51% of the install base has updated to Mavericks. Compare that to 14% of WIndows users to Windows 8.

1:09 - Starting off with OS X and the Mac.

1:08- "You're also going to see the mother of all releases for developers."

1:08 - OS X and iOS are going to be a big focus of the keynote. "You're going to see how they've been engineered to work seamlessly together."

1:07 - Attendees are from 69 countries and 70% are first-time attendees, Cook says.

1:06 - "We're here today and all week to celebrate the development community."

1:05 - Tim Cook is on stage!

1:03 - People in the video mentioned their favorite apps. Tinder, Candy Crush, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 to name a few.

1:01 - A video is now playing discussing what normal people think developers look like.