‘Are You The One?’ MTV Show Spoilers: What Couples Should Swap For 10 Perfect Matches?

Will the "Are You The One?" actually get 10 perfect matches on the season 1 finale? They have 8 out of 10 couples correctly pairs so if two couples switch then they will win the $1 million prize! But they must switch correctly, check out what couples we think should swap in order to complete all 10 perfect matches. MTV

“Are You The One?” is coming down to the wire, and in order for the group to take home the coveted $1 million prize, they must finally get 10 prefect matches! On last night’s episode, the cast of MTV’s new hit dating series, correctly paired up eight of the ten perfect matches, despite being the most they have ever correctly that will not win them the big prize. So with eight correct, and two elusive perfect matches still to figure out, there is a large possibility that the “Are You The One?” cast will walk away with empty pockets.

Despite the missing perfect matches, one positive this late in the game is being able to send anyone to the Truth Booth, something which the cast is taking full advantage. On last night’s episode, they became one step closer to winning the money when Wes and Kayla were confirmed a perfect match, which makes three confirmed pairs including Coleysia, Dillan, Paige and Chris T. It seems like the girls are better at picking their potential partners because at last night’s Match-Up the girls picked the man of their choice and 5 out of 7 got it right.  So while they may be so close to victory that they can almost smell the $1 million, unless they put the pieces of the puzzle together there will be no happy ending to “Are You The One?” So four people have to switch in order to win, and we are trying to figure out just what couples need to swap in order to complete the task, find perfect matches, and win “Are You The Win?” in its inaugural season!

 So at last night’s Match-Up these were the confirmed pairs, Coleysia and Dillan, Paige and Chris T, and the newly matched Kayla and Wes. As for the guessed matches they went, Jessica and Ryan, Simone and Dre, Jacy and JJ (we love the alliteration in this couple’s name), Shanley and Adam, Amber and Ethan, Brittany and Joey, Ashleigh and Scali. So who needs to switch? Well our guess is that Ashleigh and Jacy should do the old switcheroo. Meaning that Jacy’s perfect match will be Scali and Ashleigh’s perfect match will be JJ. Even though there is no more alliteration, I think we can live with it if the cast actually takes home the $1 million prize and of course they all secure their perfect matches! 

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Donovan Longo

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