Keep your eyes glued here as we bring you all the latest live updates, images, scores, highlights and coverage of the 2014 World Cup Group F clash between La Albicelestes of Argentina and Iran's Team Melli:

iran goalie Iran's goalie just misses Messi's shot Reuters

Iran goalie cant save Iran's goalie can't save Lionel Messi's game winning shot in the 90' +1 minute Reuters




GAME OVER: "Team Messi" - 1 // "Team Melli" - 0 Messi is creeping out from behind Maradona's shadow, very slowly. 

90' +4: That's It! The final whistle and in the latest goal in Argentina history, Messi drives the dagger into the Princes of Persia. 


Lionel Messi with a strike from outside the box to left side of the goal just outside the reach of the Iranian keeper. Messi has scored again for the second game in a row, and absolutely broken the hearts of Iranian fans!


TWITTER is weighing in as we approach stoppage time and our minutes away from the greatest moment in Iranian history:





86': Great scoring opportunity for Argentina on a corner is countered by Iran and a shot on target... and a save by Romero. The ball richochets to the left, but there is no one there for Iran to knock it in. 

85': Iran's coach, Carlos Queiroz, said his team needed a miracle today. I know he was referring to three points, but this result is improabable. 

82': More and more shots on goal by Argentina as they continue to bombard Iran. How they are unable to find the back of the net astounds me.

80': Still scoreless as we approach the 80 minute mark, if you ask me, the Iranians should go for it here. I know they are playing great defense and would be happy with the draw, but a chance to steal three points could be enticing...

75': Another opportunity for Argentina as Di Maria with a shot on  goal, but literally hits it right at the goalie. Iran with a substiution here. Less than 15 minutes from the Argentina and Iran media going bezerk for different reasons.

73': Messi doesn't try to cross to teammates and instead goes for goal and just misses to the left. 17 more minutes before the most talked about draw of all time...

72': Yellow card given to Masoud Shojaei another free kick for Messi. Get the shaving cream out!

yellow card DATE IMPORTED:June 21, 2014Iran's Ashkan Dejagah (L) argues with referee Milorad Mazic of Serbia during their 2014 World Cup Group F soccer match against Argentina at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte June 21, 2014. REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

65': Iran with a corner kick, nothing doing, but second later a cross into the box and a great header by Sadeghi almost goes into the goal! Romero with the save by getting his fingertips on the ball. Phew, that was close. If Iran scores there, this place goes silent. 

HAHA. I love this (sorry England):


63': Ball into the box and a chance for Iran, but its cleared out by Argentina. This Iranian team is growing in confidence with every scoreless second that passes. All they need is one lucky bounce to make history!!


59': Messi breaks down the pitch and has a shot at it! OHHHH! It's just left of the goal. I thought that was going to be it there. 

58': A couple crosses and shots by Argentina and the Iranian defense is shutting everything down. Great blocks. They're styming the Argentina squad. Maybe the 0-0 Draw versus Nigeria wasn't an abberation after all.

57': We are still scoreless. If this thing stays like this past the 80th minute, all hell is going to break loose. 

That was a great chance for Iran there. Hopefully it is a wake up call to Argentina. 

52': ACTION! Reza Ghoochanneijhad (Iran) with a header from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Assisted by Pejman Montazeri with a cross.

51': Fans in the arena are starting to get frustrated with the lack of scoring, boos are reigning down onto the pitch. I'm assuming its all the Argentina fans as blue and white is streaming everywhere. If you're in Iran fan, you're ecstatic.

Diego Maradona has been spotted in the crowd (on the right of course). He can be seen throughout the staidum here, casting his shadow over Messi.


47': No halftime substitutions made. I personally disagree with the decision as Argentina is lacking in the attacking third. Take a risk, make a move, Argentina needs to score. 

46': The second half is underway. Fans are calling this game, "Team Mess"i vs. "Team Melli."

Shout out to fellow Trojan, and sports writer, ESPN's Arash Markazi:


Courtesy of ESPN's Bob Ley: 

73% possesion for Argentina, 5 times the amount of passes completed, 10 shots on goals.

Great shot from the first half of play:

Kick IRAN player nearly kicks an Argentina athlete in the face. Reuters

We feel your pain:


Let's take a look at photo from a friend of mine watching LIVE in Iran as we speak:

Iran watching game Fans in Iran watch the game LIVE Michael Duarte

Fans in Iran Fans in Iran watch the game from home LIVE in Iran Michael Duarte


There's the whistle and we're at halftime! 0-0. SHOCKING! 

45' +1': Argentina IS getting frustrated as Gago commits a foul on Iran and a free kick opportunity comes. 

45': Two minutes of stoppage time in what has been a very surprisingly silent first half. 

41': A corner kick for Iran, their first opportunity. Header was strong and close, but wide right of the goal.

39': It feels like Argentina is forcing the issue a little bit. All midfielders are trying to get the ball to Messi. Admittedly its impressive that Iran has hung on this long. The longer Argentina doesn't score, the more frustrated they get and the better chance Iran has to draw or by some miracle win the match!

A great strike on the Free Kick by Messi. Great header, by Garay, but he hung too high and the ball sailed over the crossbar. 

35': Another penalty outside the box by Iran and another FK for Messi. No yellow card again which is surprising. 

31': Messi is taken down just outside of the box. A free kick for Messi and the shaving cream is coming out!

Yes, Iran is indeed trying to hold on...


Ummm... Does Anyone speak Farsi out there and can you translate?


26': Di Maria with a charge and another shot! Again, off target!



23': Another corner opportunity for Argentina. And the header is just off target and right of the goal! Great chance again for Argentina. It's just a matter of time before they break through and score now. 

21': Aguero with a shot on target for Argentina. A nice strike from the left side of the box. Save made by Iran. 


Twenty minutes in and the most beautfiul shot is this:

argentina fans Persian fans watch Argentina vs. Iran on Saturday Reuters

18': A turnover by Iran and Argentina is quickly on the attack. La Abicelestes is so fast, and efficient when they go on the offensive attack di Maria leads the attack and his shot is high.

13': A lovely ball in by Messi and Higuain collides with the Iran goalie! Haghighi is hurt on the play, but makes the save.

12': Quick shot on goal for Messi, is off target. The stadium is full of Messi jerseys and fans.

9': Corner opportunity for Argentina....

7': Pormising opportunity for Argeninta here early. but quickly stopped. 

Kick Off! and we're under way here in Brazil.

Starting XI for Iran:


12Alireza Haghighi


4Jalal Hosseini


5Amirhossein Sadeghi


15Pejman Montazeri


23Mehrdad Pooladi


3Ehsan Haji Safi


6Javad Nekounam


7Masoud Shojaei


14Andranik Timotian


21Ashkan Dejagah


16Reza Ghoochannejhad

Starting XI for Argentina: 


1Sergio Romero


2Ezequiel Garay


4Pablo Zabaleta


16Marcos Rojo


17Federico Fernández


5Fernando Gago


7Ángel Di María


14Javier Mascherano


9Gonzalo Higuaín


10Lionel Messi


20Sergio Agüero

Good Morning everyone. We should be in for a fun and offensively exciting (for Argentina anyways) match. Please join us for kick off which starts at 12:00PM EST.