When Ariana Grande rose to fame, she was just a cute and talented teen with powerful vocals to beat. Over the years, however, she has taken on the image of a defiant woman who often makes headlines because of her own mess. Here are some celebrities who probably won't want to be in the same room with Grande.

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus and Grande share a rather odd relationship. In 2013, Cyrus said that the reason she does not have many celebrity friends is that she’s worried her image might be bad for their image. She singled out Grande during the interview, suggesting that she’s gone tired of the “Thank U, Next” singer’s princess-like behavior.

Victoria Justice

Although Ariana Grande is her co-star in “Victorious,” Justice is not a fan of Grande. In a past interview, Grande suggested that Justice bullied her on the set of their show. On Twitter, Justice denied Grande’s allegation and called out the singer for making her look like the mean girl.

Mariah Carey

As Grande grew popular in the global entertainment scene, people started comparing her to Carey. The “Through The Rain” singer, however, was not very happy about it. Once, Carey was asked about her thoughts about Grande being labeled as her young version.

“First of all, I’m still young, I discount numbers,” she said. “Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17. But I wish everybody all the best of luck, and if this is a career path they choose, I hope that they can achieve longevity,” she added.

Piers Morgan

In 2018, Grande initiated a Twitter storm after she clapped back at Morgan, who told Grande’s mother on Twitter that Grande is the kind of singer who sells nudity, not records. “I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to,” Grande tweeted to Morgan. “Women can be sexual AND talented. Naked and dignified. It’s OUR choice,” she added. Morgan responded to Grande’s tweets, but the singer ended the conversation with a tweet that said, “Thank U f****n next.”

Kanye West

A few months ago, Grande wound up West after she had offered her unsolicited comment while West was ranting on Twitter about Drake. In the middle of his rant, Grande tweeted and asked the public to not mind “grown men arguing online” and look forward to her upcoming release instead. This did not sit well with West, who made a follow-up tweet and called out Grande for “trying to be cool.”

Ariana Grande US singer/songwriter Ariana Grande attends Billboard's 13th Annual Women In Music event at Pier 36 in New York City on on December 6, 2018. ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images