Ariana Grande is one of the hottest singers today and is well loved by fans. But despite her popularity, she has critics that find and point out her flaws. While many fans may not like it, some opinions may be true. Here are some of her traits and habits that they claimed to be disagreeable and annoying. 

Obsession With Appearance

Jana Choi wrote on Quora that he doesn’t hate Grande, but there are things that he doesn’t like about her and it includes the fact that the singer is too obsessed with her looks. He can’t help but notice how the American singer always needed to use fake nails, hair, eyelashes and huge amount of makeup to look good, and he finds this insane. 

Hairstyle That Doesn’t Change

Choi said that there are people who prefer certain hairstyles, but Grande is just too much for sticking to her ponytail looks. He said that the singer should let her hair loose for once because her ponytail style is getting boring.

“She may think she looks good, or it’s sexy or whatever. But it’s not,” Choi added. 

Strained Voice And Meaningless Songs

Choi was once Grande’s huge fan but now finds her songs and voice unpleasant. He said that while there are people who say that the singer can hit high notes, it sounds strained to him. He also finds Grande’s choice of songs terrible because her tracks mostly promote toxic behavior, like suggesting to break up with a loved one. 

“I know a lot of people love it all, but I can’t do it. I don’t like her voice,” he said. “Her songs are not that meaningful, my point proven with her new releases like ‘7 Rings’ and ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,’ honestly, what kind of songs are those?”

Not Writing Own Songs

John Solitude, who studied Social Work & Psychology at University College Ghent, has something to say about Grande too. According to him, Grande can’t write her own songs, unlike Taylor Swift. He said that the singer may have provided the themes and some lyrics, but she never wrote a song herself. 

Too Much Swearing

Solitude asked why Grande had to add lots of swearing in her songs and stage performances. He said that “swearing shows a lack of communication skills, not strength.” The psychologist explained that all her swearing seems to suggest that the singer has limited vocabulary to express herself and pointed out that this isn’t good because her young fans may copy this bad behavior.

Odd And Disgraceful Behavior

In 2015, while she was still dating her backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, she was caught on camera licking a donut inside the Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California. TMZ reported that the CCTV caught the two in serious PDA, but what outraged the citizens was the fact that she licked several donuts on the counter.

Solitude stated that licking a donut that she has no intention of buying is bad enough. Other people could have bought that “contaminated” food, and that is just ridiculous.

Ariana Grande Photo of Ariana Grande. Getty Images