Kari Lake
Kari Lake AFP

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake told supporters they should "strap on a Glock" ahead of the election season and said that military and law enforcement veterans should be "ready," NBC News reported.

"We need to send people to Washington, D.C., that the swamp does not want there," she said in a campaign rally in Mohave County. "And I can think of a couple people they don't want there. First on that list is Donald J. Trump; second is Kari Lake."

In another passage of her speech, Lake said the "next six months" are going to be "intense" and that her supporters should "strap on."

"We need to strap on our — let's see. What do we want to strap on?" Lake said. "We're going to strap on our, our seat belt. We're going to put on our helmet or your Kari Lake ball cap. We are going to put on the armor of God. And maybe strap on a Glock on the side of us just in case."

It wasn't the only such hint she made during her remarks. In another passage she said she had a "feeling with as many veterans and former law enforcement, active law enforcement" that "you are ready for it." The event included a raffle of an assault rifle.

Arizona, a battleground state, has been at the forefront of the political race lately, especially since state Republicans imposed a near-total ban on abortion last week. The law dates back to 1864 and does not count incest or rape as exceptions to the ban, the only one being it posing danger to the mother's life.

Other prominent Republicans, Kari Lake and presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump among them, have spoken against the law, saying it goes too far.

Democrats have been galvanized by the initiatives, seeking to enshrine abortion rights in state constitutions in the November elections. Advocates in Arizona recently claimed to have gathered enough signatures to put abortion rights on the ballot.

The latest polls in the state show Trump ahead of President Joe Biden, according to FiveThirtyEight's tracker. In contrast, Democratic senate candidate Ruben Gallego is ahead of Lake in the legislative race.

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