The Charlton School over in Wellington, Telford Shropshire is looking into a disturbing incident which local authorities are not considering a hate crime. The incident happened last Nov. 13 outside the school grounds and several students were involved.

According to BBC, a video circulating online showed a boy being attacked by several secondary pupils. The victim is believed to be a pupil from the Sikh community.

In the video, the boy was being pushed to the ground by two other boys and later on struck multiple times in the head. Although police investigation is ongoing, Charlton School is also taking the necessary action on the perpetrators. They announced their official site.

"We have taken swift, immediate and appropriate action, including sanctions and targeted intervention for the perpetrators," the official statement read. "A police investigation is ongoing, and we are co-operating fully."

The parents of the attackers have been summoned and the school is also working closely with the Sikh community. West Mercia Police are treating the incident as a hate crime with utmost seriousness.

"Our inquiries into the motivation around the incident are continuing and we are working with our local communities to provide reassurance,” the West Mercia police stated.

Charlton School stressed that it is their mission to make sure that their students are protected. That includes resorting to proactive measures to keep students protected from any kind of bullying.

The school is taking action even though the incident happened outside their grounds and during the normal school hours. They plan to get to the bottom of the problem and hand out the necessary sanctions for the attackers.

Charlton School is expected to carry out stiff penalties to the students to make sure that this incident does not happen again. This would also be a sigh of relief for patients who want to make sure that their kids remain protected and safe from any future form of bullying.

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