With the colossal titan having been freed, it’s a race against time to save humanity. In “Attack on Titan” Chapter 127, former enemies are forced to form an alliance to try and stop Eren from destroying the world.

‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 126 recap

The previous “Attack on Titan” manga chapter began with a flashback of Levi and Hange. While they managed to escape death, Levi lost a few fingers, his face is injured and can’t walk on his own. Hange was even surprised that he survived and attributed it to Levi being an Ackerman.

They eventually crossed paths with Peiack and Magath. While initially hostile, the two newcomers agreed to join forces.

Meanwhile, Connie was starting to feel guilty at fooling the trusting Falco. They eventually reached the village where Connie convinced Falco to help him clean the teeth of his mom who is in her titan form. Fortunately, Armin and Gabi arrived in time to stop Connie’s plans, who eventually realized that it would not have been what his mother wanted him to do.

When the four returned to the city, they stopped somewhere to grab a bite. Surprisingly, they found Annie eating a pie at the same restaurant they were in. Annie later joined them.

In the city, the Yeagerists were about the execute Yelena and Onyankopon. Jean misfired a few shots failing to hit the two. Out of nowhere, the Cart titan appeared and rescued Yelena and Onyankkopon by taking them away.

It was revealed that Mikasa had rescued them. Their group soon included Reiner as well as they were able to convince him to save the world.

"Attack on Titan” Chapter 127 spoilers

Jean met with the rest in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 127. He learned that Levi is still alive but won’t be able to fight at the moment due to his injuries.

Hange also briefed him on their alliance with the Cart titan and the remaining forces of Marley. They plan to stop Eren because they view mass slaughter as wrong.

However, it was agreed that they will try to reason it out with him first. There were some oppositions but the group eventually agreed to a general course of action.

As this is just a temporary alliance, there are still some differences in ideologies and the group is not that united as a whole. The Marley faction accused Eldia of starting it all, which the other side vehemently denied.

After a brief fight, the alliance finally head out to the harbor. However, it appears that they’re already late, as the Yeager faction already occupied the area and are probably waiting for their arrival.

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