“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 7 is finally here. The most recent manga installment showed just how Mash dealt with a minor inconvenience – his inability to ride a broom while playing Duelo.

Mash did not exactly volunteer to be drafted into his dorm’s team. It was Tom Knowles, captain of the Adler dorm Duelo team that approached Mash to recruit him.

Mash tried to tell Tom a number of times that he’s not fit to be a Duelo player. Since the game is basically played in mid-air just like the Quidditch in “Harry Potter,” he felt he won’t perform well because he doesn’t know how to fly a broom.

However, Tom basically ignored Mash’s objections. And when the first game of the season, played between the Adler and Lang dorms, Mash was naturally left behind on the ground as his teammates flew into the air.

This created an uproar among the spectators. People began insulting and some even threw bottles and garbage at him.

Tom went down to where Mash was standing and did some weird pep talk. He also explained the basic rules of the game, which is to shoot the ball across the hoops high up in the air without using any magic save for broom techniques.

But just as Tom was returning back to the game, a player from the other team played dirty causing Tom to fall the ground and injured. This fired up Mash and he soared to the sky by jumping them stopped midair by kicking his feet very fast, he’s basically treading on air just like how one would tread on water.

He threw the ball from a distance and it cleanly passed through the ring. But what shocked everyone, even more, was that Mash actually threw a curveball that’s out of this world – it came right back at him, giving him the opportunity to throw it back once more. Using this method, Mash quickly earned up points for the team and even established a new record, securing their win. Just like that, Mash finally earned his first silver coin.

But just as the team was celebrating, someone was observing Mash from a distance. “The one from the entrance exams,” the new character said. “What naiveté.”

Mashle Magic and Muscles This is a world of magic where magic is used for everything. But deep in the forest exists a young man who spends his time training and bulking up. Shuiesha