“Edens Zero” Chapter 86 will finally reveal if the team could use Rebecca’s knowledge of the future to their advantage. While Rebecca can theoretically use her Cat Leaper ability once more to go back in time should things go wrong, she’s not sure if she could do it again which means that their counterattack needs to be successful this time.

“Edens Zero” Chapter 85 Recap

Rebecca unknowingly activated her Cat Leaper ability while taking a shower. She noted the water droplets from the shower stopped falling and that she felt heavy. The floor was gone and it was as if she was floating through space.

When she became conscious once more, Sister Ivry and Happy were with her. This surprised her greatly because they were already killed by Drakken’s men.

She told the two, who became perplexed by her action that she had a very scary dream that felt so real. Rebecca then asked Shiki, Weisz and Homura and learned that they’re doing just fine.

But when Sister Ivry started to tell her about the giant warship that persistently followed them, Rebecca suddenly remembered that she’s been through this before. She’s now convinced that her dream was not ordinary at all.

She immediately contacted Shiki, Weisz and Homura and told them not go out and fight their pursuers. She told everyone of her dream that felt so real to her. “In my dream, we lost to Drakken and he killed Shiki,” Rebecca told everyone in the meeting.

As they started to analyze Rebecca’s dream, they formed a hypothesis that she might have undergone a time leap. Rebecca realized that the events she dreamt were events that are about to happen in the future and that Shiki would eventually end up being killed by Drakken if they don’t somehow alter the outcome.

Happy then asked Rebecca if there is something she’d seen in the future that they can verify at present. Rebecca suddenly thought of Labilia, who was captured by Drakken in her “dream.” Upon checking with their mutual friends, it appears that Labilia vanished, which strengthened Rebecca’s belief that she got a glimpse of the future.

Shiki then suggested that they rescue Labilia. Some team members believe that with the information they possess about the future, they could outwit their opponents this time and won’t end up being defeated by Drakken.

But suddenly, they were startled when parts of the shields of Eden Zero were damaged. Apparently, their enemies forcefully entered the ship. The chapter ended with Shiki vowing to shape the future Rebecca saw into their own making.

“Edens Zero” Chapter 86 Predictions

Of course, fans have already come up with their own predictions of what “Edens Zero” Chapter 86 could bring. One fan believes that despite Rebecca’s knowledge, their defeat is still the likely outcome. “I think they'll fail again, and this time the results will be bad but in a slightly different manner. Rebecca will have to leap again,” Reddit user Pengowirr wrote.

However, another fan is a bit more optimistic about their chances of success. “My guess is that at the end of the arc they will rescue the girl and escape from Drakken, damaging his ship a lot in the process and make him unable to follow them for a while,” Redditor BiglyWords wrote. “Drakken seems way to well established in the lore so far, he shouldn't just vanish after this arc.”

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