“Attack On Titan” Season 3 Episode 20 shows a bit about Grisha Yeager’s backstory and the tragic event he experienced when he was still a young boy in Liberio. Seeing a blimp, Grisha and his sister Fay decide to take a look.

Their curiosity led them just outside the borders of Liberio. Unfortunately, two Marleyan soldiers were there, and Grisha promptly received a beating from one soldier while Fay was taken by the other. Fay’s mutilated corpse was later found, which was obviously the handiwork of the soldier who took her away, but the soldiers still blamed the kids for going beyond the border.

After the experience, Grisha became involved in the age-old feud between the Eldians and Marleyans and was active in the Eldian Restorationists. Unfortunately, a second tragedy was set to happen decades after his sister’s death.

By this time, Grisha already had a son, Zeke, who wanted to become a warrior. Unfortunately, Zeke reported his parent’s activities to the authorities, resulting in them being sent to Paradis Island to be either turned into a mindless titan or become its food as punishment.

Sergeant Major Gross, the officer in charge, purposely arranged it so that Grisha would be the last one to be transformed into a titan. But before he could do it, Kruger pushed Gross over the wall, where he was promptly devoured by a recently transformed titan.

Kruger then also transformed into a titan and eliminated the rest of the Marleyan soldiers. But Kruger was different because he is able to retain his faculties even when he transformed into a titan. And the best part is that he can transform from titan back to human at will. It was later revealed that he was actually Owl.

Meanwhile, the preview of Episode 21 of Season 3 of “Attack On Titan” revealed that the focus will now shift to Eren Yeager. Eren is Grisha’s second son and Zeke’s younger brother. While no details or synopsis have been revealed yet, the plot will likely reveal how Eren got the same passion for freedom from his father, as well as his early days as a member of the Survey Corps.

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