A senior aide from Australia has been sacked after videos of a certain staff member having sex at the country’s parliament were leaked. This has become a crisis over in the Australian political scene, something that Prime Minister Scott Morrison branded as disgraceful.

The video was reportedly exposed by a whistleblower and a former government staff member. Per reports, the unnamed whistleblower alleged that he had become immune to the footages, suggesting that there were more of them and that these were being done on several occasions.

The leaked footage happened in 2019 and the lavish acts were allegedly done at a prayer room. Aside from staff members, sex workers were also reportedly brought in. The whistleblower added that his colleagues, particularly the men, portrayed a culture where men could do whatever they want. He branded it as “morally…bankrupt.”

Further, a former staff member named Brittany Higgins revealed how she feared losing her job after the alleged sexual assaults. She claims she was raped by a senior colleague in one of the offices in March 2019 but decided not to come forward due to the potential repercussions and pressured tied to it.

With this expose, protests against sexual abuse and harassment of women in Australia ramped up the past weeks. Thousands joined the protest marches in what Prime Minister Morrison said was very shocking.

We must get this house in order. We must put the politics aside on these things, and we must recognize this problem, acknowledge it, and we must fix it,” the Prime Minister said.

Not long after Higgins came forward, a case involving Attorney-General Christian Porter cropped up. He was the subject of a 1988 rape allegation but this was a closed investigation because of lack of evidence. He also denied the allegations.

 Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Prime Minister Scott Morrison Getty Images | Sam Mooy

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