Niurka Marcos really knows how to become the center of attention, and this time she might've gone a little over the top.  The Vedette attended the premiere of the show "Aventurera," but she couldn't take it and stood up and left during actress Susana Gonzalez's performance. People noticed when Marcos left and it wasn't long before paparazzi followed her to see what was going on. Of course, she had a lot to say about the performance.

Niurka was asked about her thoughts on Susana’s performance and she said: "I think it was very simple, I think I would betray the audience if I said it was something splendid. I believe it was posed. She looks like a Barbie posing. Cute, pretty, but very light. I don’t think she’s a dancer and she’s definitely not a vedette. I’m sorry for Susie," Marcos declared to the press on her exit.

Both actresses act on the popular remake of the show, which is a dancing and singing display known for its beautiful semi-naked dancers and the outstanding dancing and singing techniques of a lead performer who welcomes the crowd and centers all the action on the show.

The story surrounds Elena Tejero, a teenager dancer apprentice, who is hooked by Lucio, who will later "sell" her to Rosaura. In complicity with La Bugambilia, Rosaura forces her to prostitute herself in "Kumbala," where she later becomes Elena Montes, "Aventurera," a singer and dancer. After she is trapped in this new life, she meets Mario Cervera (Rosaura's son), who falls in love with her and Elena takes advantage of it to get revenge on Rosaura.

The performance also features Rafael Inclán, Mauricio Islas, Carmen Salinas, Laura Vignatti, Ernesto Laguardia, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Alexis Ayala, Marcos Montero and Luis Morales, among others.

This time, director Enrique Pineda focuses more on the delivery of the actors, and according to some of the attendees, the play has improved a lot from its first debut some years ago, even though Niurka begs to differ.

Watch Niurka’s conclussions on Susana Gonzalez performance:


What is your opinion about Niurka Marcos’ thoughts about the play? Do you agree with her?