Gerardo Quiroz and Juan Osorio,  producers of the show "Aventurera," have talked about Niurka Marcos’ comments on leaving the show soon after she expressed her concern on the informal promotion used to support the play and also stating her fellow performer actress Susana Gonzalez is not good enough as a performer, as she declared on "Un Nuevo Dia."

"I'm not interested in a project where I do not feel safe. Where the 'Aventurera' is minimized. I will not accept that there is a woman without a face all over the city for promotion. 'Aventurera' is the actress who plays that role," Marcos said a few days ago.

After these statements, Univision TV Show "Suelta La Sopa" approached the producers to know their thoughts on the actress' comments. "Well, last time we spoke to Niurka, everything was okay and she’s set to be on the third season of the show," Gerardo Quiroz said.

Also, Juan Osorio was questioned about this situation and if he would change the promotion just because Niurka doesn’t like it. "The promotional campaign has to be done by the producers. We are responsible for it," Osorio said. "So far, Niurka and I have an agreement and we have set it all in words, we don’t need a contract. The moment she tells me she wants to sit and talk, I will be glad to see her."

"But until this moment," Osorio continued, "She keeps getting ready, she has her wardrobe and everything she needs to be in this production. Nobody can tell me what to do, not even before nor now on this show," Osorio added.

Actress Susana Gonzalez was also questioned about the situation since she had stated before that she worries more about the public's comments than Niurka's, but this time she didn't express much about the new statements. 

"I do not want to go into that kind of detail but I can tell you that I'm enjoying all the good things that are happening to us. And at a certain moment, when another actress gets to be playing the character of Elena Tejero, I know that she will enjoy it and that she will have the happiness of being in a super production,” 

Niurka is set to appear on "Aventurera" next moth on the third season. Watch producers declarations below.