What was meant to be a day of full promo with the release of their new music video "Que Sera De Ti," actually turned sour for one member of Baby Rasta & Gringo

The Puerto Rican urban duo dropped their latest video clip Friday, but instead of embarking the promotion tour together, Gringo was left along as Baby Rasta was rushed to the hospital and entered emergency Friday morning. 

"Since yesterday he had back pains, in his stomach, and he was not able to sleep all night," explained Gringo to People en Español. "We left him resting," he added. According to the magazine, Baby Rasta, whose real name is Wilmer Alicea, began to feel sick Thursday night with severe stomach pains. He was hospitalized in New York. 

A black-and-white photo of Baby in the hospital was posted Friday afternoon alarming the duo's fans and asking them for their prayers.  "We ask everyone for their prayers, for this delicate situation that we are having with Wilmer in N.Y. We hope everything comes out good, we'll keep everyone informed," stated the post.

The popular Puerto Rican duo, known for their hit songs such as "Me Niegas," "Amor Prohibido," "Ella Se Contradice," and "Na Na Na Na Na," had an eventful weekend with gigs in New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C. Their concert on Friday night at XKANDALO night club in New York has been cancelled. It has not been revealed if their presentations at 116 Street Festival, Mansion nigh club or Verano Zol 107.9 Festival will be cancelled or postponed. 

Earlier this week, Rasta's colleague Sensato del Patio was also hospitalized in New York

According to his manager, KB Paulino, who also manages Mozart La Para, El Poeta Callejero, Brea Frank and Spiff TV, Sensato is in recovery after receiving a second liver transplant that was affecting his health. His first transplant was at the age of 18, due to a bacteria that destroyed his liver.

"Within his delicate situation, Sensato is stable under constant medical checkups. It has been a very difficult process for more than three months," reads the press statement released by KB on Wednesday.

We wish both Baby Rasta and Sensato del Patio a speedy recovery!