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'The Bachelor" Juan Pablo walks with contestant Renee on the beach in Miami. ABC/"The Bachelor"

UPDATE: ‘The Bachelor’ Week 7 Recap: Who Got Kicked Off By Juan Pablo This Week? [SPOILERS]

Mr. “The Bachelor Juan Pablo has had a rough time in Season 18 of the long-running dating show. To his credit, he has been particularly under scrutiny because he is the first Latino bachelor. Juan Pablo grew up in Venezuela and has a wonderfully attractive accent. However, since the show started, viewers have criticized how physical he’s been with the ladies and how he hides behind the fact that he has a daughter when he doesn’t want to kiss women. Juan Pablo also took a hit to his reputation when he said that there should never be a gay bachelor. Since the comment, he’s bent over backwards apologizing and blamed the flub on English being his second language.

Last week on “The Bachelor,” Juan Pablo sent home two ladies, including one of the two mothers. He sent single mom Cassandra home before the rose ceremony so that she could go home to her son as soon as possible as promised. Then during the rose ceremony, he sent Kat home after her tearful story about her father-figure issues. The drama with Clare continued to unfold as did their obvious physical attraction to one another. Clare was the first of the girls to get a second one-on-one date, and if you recall, she also nabbed the first one-on-one date with Juan Pablo of the season. They kissed and made up after he apologized for making her feel bad about the 4 a.m.-swim-in-the-ocean incident. It was speculated that they had sex, which would explain why she was so upset. But, ABC and Clare deny the rumors.

This week looks like it will involve more drama. Based on sneak peek video, it looks like Sharleen will be taking herself out of the race. She said last week: “I just feel like this whole process is a little inorganic for me.” After she said that to Juan Pablo, he seemed to think the solution was to then stick his tongue down her throat. I guess, we’re not surprised she’s taking off. Like her or not, Clare seems to have secured herself the frontrunner spot. He also seems to really like Nikki and Andi, but also appreciates the down-to-earth Renee, who is also a single mother. So, we’re predicting that Chelsie is likely to be on the chopping block this week because, to be honest, we’re not sure how she lasted last week. So to recap, here’s our predictions:

  • Clare,
  • Nikki,
  • Andi,
  • Renee
  • Sharleen,
  • Chelsie

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