Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner breakup
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In a twist that's setting the internet ablaze, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have delivered a New Year's Eve surprise that has left fans' heads spinning with a blend of shock, delight, and sheer intrigue.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation and the American supermodel fueled dating rumors for months. Then they reportedly broke up two weeks ago, but the latest developments have taken speculation to reach fever pitch.

On New Year's Eve, a video surfaced on multiple social media platforms showcasing what seemed to be a new encounter between El Conejo and Jenner. Then, on New Year's Day, the artist dropped a provocative video of his song "No me quiero casar" (I don't want to get married) along with a model who looks very much like Kim Kardashian's little sister.

The internet's eternal memory

The NYE video was published on Instagram Stories by Renell Medrano, one of Kendall Jenner friends. Though swiftly deleted, the video was promptly captured and redistributed by eagle-eyed users of various online communities.

On the video of fireworks on New Year's Eve, a voice can be heard saying, "Feliz año nuevo," which is happy new year in Spanish The fans are convinced it was Bad Bunny's voice, and it is easy to hear why they think so.

Bad Bunny, a Kendall Jenner look-a-like and Spiderman

Bad Bunny chose the first day of 2024 to release a provocative music video for his track "No me quiero casar," part of his latest album "Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana." The timing? Utterly impeccable. The release came amidst the madness created by the deleted NYE video.

Adding fuel to the fire, the music video portrays Bad Bunny wrestling with questions of commitment and marriage—a poignant backdrop tied to this fervent gossip. This narrative, intertwined with vivid scenes featuring friends and family, has made the visual accompaniment a trending topic, not solely for its catchy tune but for its nuanced storytelling and potential real-life connections.

Spider-Man makes a surprising cameo, as do DJ Alex Sensation and Cuban-American comedian Marcello Hernández, who was his sidekick for many of his sketches on his Saturday Night Live appearance in November last year. The cherry on top is a Kendall Jenner-like model leaving defeated after Bad Bunny rejected her.

Art imitating life? We will never know, but the gossip publications are sure that Jenner was heartbroken after the breakup.

Are Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner together again?

Considering their silence regarding their relationship, it's highly unlikely Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner will publicly address their romantic status. Yet, the ever-present paparazzi will for sure capture them together once again if there is a reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Jenner is expected to walk the runways at New York Fashion Week, starting on February 9th. Concurrently, Bad Bunny, also known as Benito, is gearing up for his tour "Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana," with rehearsals underway. The tour's inaugural performance is set for Salt Lake City on February 21st, culminating in a grand finale in Miami on May 26th.

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