Rapper Bad Bunny met up with a 10-year-old student and survivor of the Uvalde school shooting on Friday, Sept. 9, with his foundation donating money to help build her and her family a new home.

Bad Bunny and his Good Bunny Foundation were among those who donated money in order to help build 10-year-old Mayah Zamora a new home, after she was unable to return home when she found out that she lived very close to the Uvalde shooter who murdered 19 of her classmates and two of her teachers, according to E! News Online.

“We have secured the funding to build Mayah and her family a new home in a location where she feels safe and comfortable,” the Correa Family Foundation, who is currently helping Zamora with the home building, said. “We hope this will be an opportunity for Mayah and her family to rebuild their lives, make new memories, and look towards a bright future.”

Beyond donations to the fund for her new home, Bad Bunny also treated the ten-year-old girl to a night out, including meeting her backstage before a concert to take pictures and sign a hoodie for the young girl, USA Today reported.

“Bad Bunny and his team treated Mayah and her family to a private suite, dinner, and met backstage before his show,” Fuse TV reported.

“A huge thank you to (Bad Bunny) for welcoming our Hero of the Month, Mayah Zamora, to your concert, and for making sure she had a beautiful and fun night dancing with her family!” the foundation wrote on an Instagram post.

Zamora was shot in the chest during the Uvalde school shooting, forcing her to stay at a hospital for more than two months and go through 20 surgeries before she was allowed to leave the medical facility.

“Mayah has suffered unimaginable hardship this year after losing many of her closest friends and two beloved teachers during the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas,” the foundation said. “While hospitalized, she continued to amaze doctors with her resiliency and strength. All doctors, from her trauma team to plastic surgeons, were in awe of her.”

Artist Bad Bunny was commended by a foundation on Friday after he donated money and met up with a 10-year-old survivor of the Uvalde school shooting. Steve Jennings/Getty Images.

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