Venue bouncers are tasked to make sure that everything is in order and handle erring individuals inside venues. But as far as Scala, a music venue in Kings Cross, is concerned, two of their bouncers appear to have gone overboard.

The lead singer of the band Wargasm, Sam Matlock ended up getting attacked after three bouncers allegedly dragged him into the toilets. Two slammed his head on the toilet seat while the third one held the door closed with his foot. The bouncers also forced Matlock’s head into the toilet bowl at the time.

In a social media post, the Nu-metal band described what had happened. They were allegedly packing up at that time when three security guards somehow became verbally aggressive towards the group’s female manager.

Matlock stood up for the female manager and the bouncers did not like it. This led to the said assault, branded as being overzealous and the unnecessary use of force.

It took the effort of another member to stop the assault, intervening and removing the lead singer from the situation. However, Matlock came out of it with an injury with big red marks across his back, BBC reported.

The management team behind the band tried to contact Scala about the situation but efforts went for naught. In all, the situation has led Wargasm to warn people about the venue although the security team tasked to manage it appears to be the culprit.

Saber Security was identified as the group responsible for the security of the venue.

FaceDown, the promoter of the nightclub responded and said that they were aware of the situation. They extended their apologies for the incident that the band had to go through on Instagram.

“While we do not employ the security at our events, as this is the venue’s responsibility we do not appreciate people being manhandled this way be it someone in the crowd or backstage. This has been communicated to the venue and we await their response,” the post read.

A spokesperson for Saber Security also said that they are investigating the matter.

Sam Matlock photo from @Wargasm Twitter account.
Sam Matlock photo from @Wargasm Twitter account. @Wargasm Twitter account

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