After pleading guilty to robbery and two charges of attempted robbery, Alan Slattery, 67, of Saint Leonards in southeast England, was given a six-year enhanced sentence on July 16.

Sussex Police said Slattery visited three banks in two weeks and used handwritten notes to persuade cashiers to hand over money.

Slattery went into a Nationwide Building Society branch in Eastbourne on March 18 with the intent of robbing it.

However, because to Slattery's terrible handwriting, the cashier to whom he presented his note was unable to interpret his instructions. After that, the 67-year-old walked out of the bank empty-handed.

His note which police shared on Twitter, said if you read the note correctly: "Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s. Think about the other customers."

Officers were dispatched, and the note was seized after an examination of the bank's camera footage.

Slattery returned to the Nationwide Building Society in Saint Leonards on March 26 and handed the cashier a threatening note for the second time. Police said per HuffPost that the clerk gave Slattery £2,400 ($3,327) out of fear for her safety, and the 67-year-old took the money.

Oxygen said Slattery boarded a bus after the robbing. After speaking with the bus company, police were able to identify Slattery based on the photo on his bus pass, which matched the person shown on the bank's CCTV camera.

Workers at a NatWest bank in Hastings called police on April 1 to report that a guy had handed over a note demanding money. The man was confronted by the cashier, who walked away empty-handed.

Officers then went to Slattery's last known residence and discovered him strolling around. He was detained on accusations of robbery and attempted robbery on two counts.

During a check of his home, authorities discovered sticky labels that were identical to the label given to NatWest bank employees, as well as a jacket that matched the man who attempted to rob the bank.

Slattery was sentenced to a six-year enhanced sentence at Lewes Crown Court following his guilty plea, consisting of four years in prison and two years on probation.

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