With the arrival of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one coming in November, EA and DICE have stated that they will meet gamer's demands of bringing the Battlefield PC experience to these next-gen consoles. At Gamescon, users got the first look of Battlefield 4 on a PlayStation 4 and unfortunately the demo has people concerned.

The first issue encountered was that despite EA and DICE's insistence that users will get the true Battlefield experience on consoles, this week's PS4 demo did not include a full 64-player match or the franchise's vehicular combat. IGN reports that Gamescon attendees instead played a "local 16-player match of Domination mode" which was restricted to a small area of the Parcel Strom map. And while, reports have claimed that the demo was a good indication of how the game can be scaled down, users were left without all the true marks of Battlefield's over-the-top capability.

The second issue discovered was the look of Battlefield 4 on PS4. New reports claim that Gamescon attendees were rather appalled by the visuals of the much-anticipated game. The PC version of Battlefield is notable for its "crisp, detailed textures," however the quality of graphics was lost in transition to PS4. On PS4, Battlefield 4 looked out of focus and obscured, with seemingly half-finished wall textures. Even the weapons looked muddled when players raised them from the pristine perch on character's hips and looked through the scopes. According to IGN, when looking down the weapon models iron sights "imperfections became apparent."

These visual issues seemed to be exacerbated due to resolution. Battlefield 4 was running on Gamescon at a resolution higher than 720p, but not 1080p. However, EA and DICE have not confirmed what resolution the game will run at on next-gen consoles. It seems that the "graphic vs. gameplay" debate still wages on, as fans of the Battlefield franchise hope that the switch to console play will not sacrifice the game's notorious state-of-the-art graphics. 


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