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Beachgoers enjoying a sunny day at the Black Sea resort in Ukraine were stunned at the sight of a swastika tattoo on a heavily inked bikini-clad woman. The woman was spotted at the beach two days ago with the Nazi symbol on her buttocks as well as a portrait of Hitler on her hand.

Onlookers could not keep themselves from ogling at the unnamed woman with some people having made no effort to conceal their disapproval of the images inked on her body. Jaws dropped as she paced through the scattered beach umbrellas in her blue thong bottom and red bikini top with the swastika clearly in sight on her right buttock.

Anonymous photos of the woman were posted online showcasing not one but two disturbing images that left almost everyone at the resort horrified. On her right hand, a portrait of Adolf Hitler is also clearly visible in the circulating photos.

According to Daily Star, the woman was forced to leave the beach premises not long after she had arrived as a good number of beachgoers made it a point to express how they felt about her tattoos. Some were still reeling and struggling to guess another image that was tattooed right above her crotch as this was covered by her bikini bottom.

Police have not released any statement to comment on the beach incident despite a ruling ordinance in Ukraine against spreading Nazism propaganda or displaying symbols of Nazism. These are considered criminal offenses and anyone caught violating it can be subjected to a maximum punishment of five years in prison.

Offended social media users condemned the woman and her choice of ink, with one quoted saying: ''I don't want to lose hope that she is a fan of Karlsson and that this is just a failed drawing of his propeller.'' Another netizen had no qualms expressing that if the woman had intentions to draw attention to her bum, she definitely succeeded at it.

Nazi type symbols and images are not an uncommon thing requested by people wanting to get inked. In June, a 29-year-old Neo-Nazi from Austria had his testicles tattooed with a swastika. The man claimed he was drunk when he got the ink. After going on all-night bender downing two bottles of whiskey, he urged his brother to ink the swastika on his man-jewels. He was proud of his brother’s work and showed off an image of the tattoo online and even brandished the ink among his army colleagues.

The unidentified Neo-Nazi was later arrested and was also later found in possession of an illegal firearm along with photos of him posing in front of a Nazi memorabilia at the Bunkermuseum Wurzenpass. During his trial at the Klagenfurt District Court in Australia, the man was also said to be known for posting Third Reich propaganda online and indulging himself in Hitler-branded wine.

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